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Solid wood furniture paint on why

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-27
Natural solid wood furniture, environmental protection, there is a clear water gives lotus, natural go vulture act the role ofing. The unique aesthetic feeling. Early contact with real wood furniture of users, in the heart will often produce such doubt: in that case, why go up lacquer? Keep log color, no more natural, environmental protection? ;

not also! A lot of good solid wood furniture paint, sum up have the following:

Log furniture)

the first big benefits nature is to protect the wood. Used for processing of solid wood french country furniture wood hardness is larger, the processing difficulty is big, but the wood with a higher hardness easily polished smooth moist feel, touch of jade. If directly exposed, easily scratched by the sharp object, or in the long-term use of wear and tear, sense of loss of the quality of the jade. The paint, is equivalent to put a layer of armor on furniture.

the second benefit is more beautiful. Even the same root out of the wood material, also have slight color difference, as the little imperfections in mei-yu, although not fatal; , but it is its artistic quality. Under the care of workers in the paint, can find a uniform color, as to the furniture, put on a coat of the icing on the cake.

the third big advantage is to prevent the deformation of wood. Moisture content had a great influence on the stability of the wood, wood paint seal surface, can prevent external water quickly into wood, also can prevent the internal moisture to evaporate too much, and let the wood internal and external communication is slow, gentle manner, to ensure that the wood is not out of shape.

4 big benefits is to make furniture is enduring, more with more luster. If the logs directly exposed to the air, not only easy to corrode, also under the effect of oxidation discoloration, sometimes even beyond recognition. After painting, wood is not direct contact with air, will always remain pure and fresh color.

5 big benefit is that feels more smooth and easier to clean and maintain. No matter how fine grinding, it is impossible to put the wood tube seal, and these catheter can become shelter evil people and practices, it is difficult to clean up. After painting, catheter was flattened out, use cloth wipe gently, can clean up.

so, can't have it both ways; , both to make solid wood furniture under the moist of paint eternal youth, and keep the essence of environmental protection? B: of course! Shenzhen custom oakwood furniturebrand furniture USES the high quality of green environmental protection paint, and within the room clean and dust-free, with meticulous craft, wood care to the utmost, make furniture lines more smooth, more pure and fresh color, and safety, environmental protection, does not have a negative impact on the environment and health.

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