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Solid wood furniture of choose and buy you most concerned with questions and answers

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-08

solid wood furniture; Really green, formaldehyde-free:

actually comes from formaldehyde glue, adhesives, paint, not from wood, solid wood lumber itself must be interesting, but it is to belong to the smell of lumber itself, not the taste of formaldehyde.

if the wardrobe cabinets, for example, contrast and multi-layer solid wood real wood, particle board, polishing plate, is definitely the lowest formaldehyde content.

for small furniture, if use mortise and tenon joint structure, less formaldehyde, formaldehyde, but can't say 0 after all how many there are formaldehyde production environment.

north and the south to choose real wood french country furniture has difference:

oakwood furnitureis the most like is dry climate, while the furniture production in already dry good timber, but the stability of dry the better. So in the north, dry climate, almost any real wood french country furniture is applicable, and the north itself was a lot of wood ( North of northeast China ash, red oak)

the damp climate, black walnut and cherry wood is the most commonly used, is necessary if the oak wood dry enough, more consider frame structure in the design, not easy to deformation because of the weather.

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