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Solid wood furniture need to know the way

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-21

we often talk about people's knowledge, in fact, the furniture such as a person, good furniture to do maintenance to make furniture over the years vicissitudes of life and still. Let's take a look at real wood furniture of preserve one's health; The way!

follow wood

frequently powereasy, long quiet easy to rot, is not only to avoid collision and high strength of mobile,

of course also cannot always keep watch.


furniture use day after day, year after year, luster will gradually disappear, affect the beautiful. Encounter this kind of situation, don't need to be nervous, can look for furniture maintenance professionals for furniture waxing maintenance door, let your furniture look brand-new.

check furniture parts

if there are any loose furniture parts occurred phenomenon, don't be nervous, in fact, the more high quality furniture made of wood, the easier it is appear this kind of circumstance. You can try to use a toothpick, white plastic or cardboard stuffed it tight, reinforcement, don't to stick with 502. is the best way to make an appointment to the factory maintenance on-site maintenance.

good dedusting

due to environmental pollution, more and more dust in the air, the city is most obvious, and the dust is also the necessary steps to protect furniture. A lot of furniture has the hollow out of carve patterns or designs on woodwork parts or heavy and complicated parts, especially easy to accumulate dust, can use soft cloth to wipe.

in case of the stain, use a clean piece of cloth in the overdue can't drink the milk of dip, and then use the cloth to wipe the table such as wooden furniture, remove dirt effect is very good, final reoccupy clear water to clean again, applicable to a variety of furniture.

avoid alcohol, gasoline

chemical damage to real wood french country furniture is very big, if accidentally splashed into the surface of furniture, never tried hard to clean, available tea remove stain gently warm, wait until after the water evaporation on the original parts with a little light wax, then lightly wipe away a few times to form a protective film.

avoid hard scratch

when cleaning, do not make clean tool touch the furniture, at ordinary times should pay attention to, don't let the noise of hard metals or other sharp object collision furniture, to protect its surface appear trace bruised.

away from heat source

in winter, it is best to furniture is put in 1 meter distance heating flow away, avoid long time high roasted, parched, bending deformation and the wood in the local film appeared regional metamorphism.

the humidity control

pure oakwood furniturewhen use, should try to maintain the stability of the environment, especially the temperature and humidity should not be violent change, otherwise it will cause the deformation of furniture, and even cracking and other damage.

to avoid direct sunlight

avoid outdoor sunlight to furniture whole or partial long time exposure, which put the position best can avoid sunlight to come in, or use the transparent gauze curtain separated from direct sunlight, so, do not affect indoor daylighting, and protect the furniture in good condition.

good insect-resistant

oakwood furnitureneed to do a good job of insect-resistant termite, avoid white ants.

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