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Solid wood furniture maintenance knowledge

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-06

( The preface] Maintain knowledge of solid wood furniture, you have mastered? Actually, real wood furniture maintenance should pay attention to many details, and see it together:

1, pay attention to furniture surface cleaning maintenance. Timing with pure cotton dry soft cloth gently wipe the surface dust, every once in a while, with twist dry wet cotton silk will furniture corner place dust carefully wipe clean, fine cotton cloth wipe with a clean dry soft;

2, avoid using alcohol and gasoline or other chemical solvent except the stain. surface stains, if any, never tried hard to clean, available tea remove stain gently warm, moisture volatilizes until after the wax on the original parts with a little light, and then grinding lightly wipe away a few times to form a protective film;

3 scratches, avoid hard objects. When cleaning, do not make clean tool touch the furniture, at ordinary times should pay attention to, don't let the noise of hard metals or other sharp object collision french country furniture, to protect its surface appear scratch marks that touch an injury;

4, away from heat source. In winter, it is best to furniture is put in the flow of about 1 meter distance heating place, avoid long time high baking, local dry in the wood, bending deformation and the film appeared regional metamorphism;

5, pure oakwood furniturewhen use, should try to maintain the stability of the environment, especially the temperature and humidity should not be violent change, otherwise it will lead to deformation of furniture;

6, avoid direct sunlight. Avoid outdoor sunlight to furniture whole or partial long time exposure, its placement in the best can avoid sunlight to come in, or use the transparent gauze curtain separated from direct sunlight, so, do not affect indoor daylighting, and protecting the indoor furniture.

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