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Solid wood furniture is introduced and the action of choose and buy

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-09

in the market, wooden furniture or mainstream, especially when most to buy real wood furniture. Because of low consumer awareness of wood, merchants on the product quality mark fuzzy cause serious information asymmetry, causing buying furniture cheated a lot.

a, completely real wood furniture: the material technical requirements are high

in the wood furniture general technical conditions, the provisions of completely real wood furniture all wooden parts are manufactured solid wood lumber or real wood plank. The annatto furniture that as everyone knows, is a kind of completely real wood furniture, also calls the hardwood furniture, material generally have red sandalwood, chrysanthemum pear, wenge and sour branch, etc. , the price is high, has the collection value.

is another kind of cork furniture, sort is various, such as maple, oak, oak wood, northeast China ash, etc. , than the annatto furniture is much lower, acceptable for most people.

there are some miscellaneous wood production of completely real wood furniture, more for mid-range products, prices may be cheaper than board type furniture. In addition to the annatto furniture, in general, the completely real wood furniture of the same class should be higher than the price of the other two kinds of solid wood furniture.

advantage: the natural environmental protection

the furniture of completely real wood furniture is the oldest species, with some of the larger brand classic furniture and original furniture is completely real wood, such as armani, high and PiaoFeng hall, etc. The popularity of completely real wood furniture catered to people to return to nature of psychology, its original, let many people can't give up. If it is a good designer's outstanding works, even if is the modern furniture design, also has the use and collection value.

disadvantages: body gleams your

technology and the material requirements of completely real wood furniture is very high, its most lethal defect is the change of moisture content makes it changeful form, from material selection, drying, flat-fell seam is very strict. When use also has a lot of requirements, cannot let sunshine illuminate for instance, cannot super-cooling or overheat, too dry and humid environment is not suitable for solid wood furniture. If you didn't pay attention when using, even the real wood furniture products qualified sometimes happen out of shape, craze. In addition, solid wood furniture components, usually USES the tenon structure and adhesives products generally can't remove, is not very convenient to move.

2, solid wood furniture, the most easily seduced french country furniture

in prior to the implementation of the 'wood furniture general technical conditions', many manufacturers call with a conscience plate wood furniture, solid wood furniture do it requires that the base material made of solid wood lumber or real wood plank surface without surface treatment. At present, the plate wood combination furniture occupies the main high-end market. In general, table, desk, Chair) Frame structure using solid wood such as legs, door frames, and the side panel, bottom, top, use man-made board (in areas such as the partition Density board and particieboard belong to man-made board etc. ) Production.

but now, businesses are allowed to board wood combination furniture is referred to as solid wood furniture. Some argue that the new standards more easily deceived consumers. In the market, most merchants with plate wood combination furniture to pretend to be pure solid wood furniture. So before buying, must ask clear to see what kind of oakwood furnitureis pure solid wood, wood or board combined with, or is real wood veneers.

need to remind consumers that now if anyone tell you some furniture is wood; Combination of furniture, that you have to look at, where is the board, where is the wood, because now, it can only to the integrated wood furniture category, in an unguarded moment, don't be fooled.

advantage: advantage both

board wood combination furniture should be with the most advantages in solid wood furniture of furniture, it saved a wood, and reduce the cost. The most important is that it maximize solved completely real wood furniture is the Achilles' heel of easy deformation, and the flexibility of board type furniture, can be said to be both the completely real wood furniture and the strengths of board type furniture, and avoid their shortcomings.

disadvantages: less pity expensive

although both advantages of completely real wood furniture and panel furniture, but there are also many congenital deficiency. As colorful board type furniture, for example, is not completely real wood furniture pity is expensive, it is worth collecting.

solid wood veneered furniture:

the market is easy to ignore. In the prior to the implementation of the wood french country furniture general technical conditions, and not many people called solid wood veneered furniture solid wood furniture, it is in the furniture surface visual range, including surface, the structure of the framework is pure real wood ( With unknown miscellaneous wood, for example) Posted solid mumupi, just above the solid wood, Such as teak, northeast China ash and other expensive point solid mumupi) 。

advantages: low price

just look from the exterior, solid wood veneered furniture and there is a difference in the first two kinds of solid wood furniture, but in fact, compared with the former two kinds of solid wood furniture, solid wood veneered furniture base material the lowest cost of material, so the price should be the most cheap relatively. Solid wood veneered furniture lines is the most beautiful, is also more simple fashion design, in solid wood furniture, is the most valuable products.

weakness: the most important process

solid wood veneered furniture is the most exquisite craft, if you don't fine craft, stick a face blister or even fall off easily. When consumer is buying furniture, be sure to ask in detail, and then see stick wood craft whether level off.

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