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Solid wood furniture, from spirit to the human warmth

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-20
Artisans, is a precursor to real wood furniture producers; In solid wood furniture, rely mainly on handmade s a craftsman's reputation depends on craft level, product quality. Even to this day, in the era of oakwood furnitureindustrial production, some important link also inseparable from the artificial and experience, is the link, often determines the final quality solid wood products. For manufacturing enterprise, marketing, market, sales is important, and skill discretion decide the quality of the finished product, which is enterprise based on market factors, spirit; In today's production environment, more reflected in the quality of product strictly controlled.

modern production still need craftsman;

in the modern oakwood furnitureproduction technology, mechanization production has replaced most of the original manual production steps. In the production process, cut, cut, spelling, grooving, drilling, milling tenon, plane, etc, has been completely by mechanization production instead of; In primer, oil mill, surface paint, brush color, color and so on technology, some companies still retains the traditional production process.

, for example, in the process of material, good furniture to wood texture, direction, the same color, wood defects such as no scar. Seen in production workshop, workshop has a special material list of advantages and disadvantages; And teach workers how to grasp the material in the form of sample this process. Material is a need to experience the process, need workers eye, load, familiar with wood, need many years of experience, skill to high-tech. Material level directly affect the finished product furniture surface texture, which is the difference between the most important element of solid wood furniture.

polishing and painting, for example, in the furniture factory, still retains the artificial polishing, paint and oil mill repeated traditional furniture production mode. White body is already shaping of polishing furniture with sandpaper smooth, convenient and painted, stick to manual workers with sand paper burnish, because in the seam, edges and special french country furniture, ordinary grinding tool can't operation, if the grinding is not good, will influence the effect on the paint. ; In addition, in the process of painting, experienced workers, after hundreds of thousands of pieces of furniture hand touch, know how to control the grinding time, dynamics, how many times the paint film after paint process looks thin and transparent, our craftsmen are selected, with the most excellent quality to create the best furniture.

spirit; Add a humanistic warmth

although the furniture production industrialization is very popular, but some link does need artificial to complete, must also be done by human. is a industrial products, but also get along with people daily household items, of which the artificial link, is to be responsible for furniture products, also added a trace of human warmth for the product. ;

in addition to the production of fine, more embodied in the spirit of modern design. An excellent production enterprises, not only can provide good quality products, in this day and age, still should be able to accurately pulse furniture product demand, and lead the furniture design direction. This is the spirit in the new era; Representative. Measuring criteria for oakwood furniturein the slowly changing. Used to be a truly materials, process fine, but now good enterprise should lead consumers to buy more trendy products, this is the era of & lsquo; Craftsmen & rsquo; Requirements. ;

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