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Solid wood furniture FAQ qiao repair

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-06


solid wood furniture burns processing

when the real wood furniture after accidentally put something very hot, hot easy to leave mark. Then can use a piece of dry, super fine furniture painting special steel wool mat in very hot mark place, can be directly along the direction of the wood grain to wipe, can also use salad oil or mayonnaise besmear on very hot mark place, take a soft cloth along the grain wipe gently, and then in a clean soft cloth to clean it, the final polishing.


solid wood furniture burn care

cigarette or not out of the match left in furniture paint doors, and if the paint surface burning, in the matchstick toothpicks or hard package on a layer of fine lines, gently wipe traces, and then coated with a thin wax, qiaogen be fade.


solid wood furniture water mark processing

furniture is not seasonable erase after drop of water, left water after dry, can use a piece of wet cloth cover on the water a bit thick, press gently with iron after heating, the trace of water can be removed.


oakwood furniturescratches processing

if furniture paint scratches, not touch wood lacquer, furniture can be used with the same color crayons or in the wound of furniture paint, to cover exposed background, and then use thin transparent nail polish is coated with a layer of can.


solid wood french country furniture mould processing

if there are any real wood furniture mould, can dip in with a clean soft cloth first point special cleaner to remove neutral cleaner or furniture. Then in part of the mould and gently wipe on a layer of wax or french country furniture furniture special essential oil, put a piece of soap and where there is little musty or gauze bag filled with dried tea leaves, help to eliminate mildew flavour.

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