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Solid wood furniture cracking really is not a quality problem

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-10

solid wood materials and easy processing, has been a major building materials since ancient times. A lot of people like real wood furniture of natural beauty, but one to buy, often the exchanges.

of course, the price of real wood furniture is on the one hand; On the other hand, a lot of people are wary of cracking in solid wood furniture, especially when the businessman said the wood craze of real wood furniture is a kind of natural attributes; From time to time.

how craze? Like dry cracked skin, dry hair bifurcate, timber, as a kind of creature, water shortage will also have a problem, use the furniture show is cracking. The crack is refuse, don't because of the price of any compromise.

60000 and spend 6000 to buy real wood french country furniture, maintenance is not good, also will have the risk of cracking; This kind of crack unpredictable, early in the morning the evening may crack, spring, summer, autumn and winter may crack, the south and north may crack; What's worse, once the cracking, is difficult to recover.

so, although the cracking is a word, but let a person look at once is afflictive time; This kind of crack, not has to meet stinging pain, but each time I see something.

crack; The anisotropy of lumber, this is a wood properties as a kind of natural material. From a scientific perspective, because the lumber TianRanXing, makes constitute the orientation of its cells of material is very random, make lumber in different directions, as the change of external conditions, produce different degree of contraction, which will produce the phenomenon such as cracking. Words, of choose and employ persons is sexual different wood materials in all directions. That is, how much the moisture content of lumber, wood moisture content is in the wood moisture content and the percentage of the ratio of the wood quality, expressed in MC. The moisture content of timber and furniture is closely related to the crack, its moisture content can be controlled by drying and measurement, commonly used the following formula:

formula, G/G is wet wet wood quality; G is the quality of dried wood/G. Fiber saturation point, serious point, when free water evaporate completely in the wood, and the amount of absorbed water in the cell wall in the moisture content of saturated state, called the fiber saturation point ( The Fiber saturation point, FSP) 。 Popular point, the moisture content of timber reach to the above this point, the timber shape doesn't happen very big change; And when the wood moisture content is below this point, the wood will change with the outside world to produce significant changes in shape.

crack; Since the lusty

water: people in contact with solid wood furniture, due to the wood material, use environment, use do not pay attention to, such as the habit, it is easy to make furniture in the moisture content of lumber itself and fiber force change.

, for example, the excessive of sunlight, the air of the room is too dry, the surface of the furniture long soak acid/alkali etc. Various kinds of liquid, violence, transportation & hellip; … Can make furniture have the potential to cracking.

there is a kind of, in fact is we have more & ndash; — Chip. · Solid wood panel come from? Log after cutting, general first forest or the original site wood cut into lumber to export to the domestic. ( China now imports more than 70% of the wood) 。

how to cut, how on earth are we buy sawn timber cut, aside, in short plank after makeup by the workers.

spelling out, drying, etc.

when the humidity changes, every board self expansion or contraction. An open, especially in the northern heating, moisture rapidly reduced. Every board in shrinkage, is toward himself! How to do?

history tells us & ndash; — Existing even the ship!

: embedded into the board with a metal bar. Role has 3:

1. L or t-shaped metal strip length direction bending resistance is strong, prevent panel warping.

2。 Leave a certain allowance, for wood expansion space of the natural changes with the seasons.

3。 Scale at the same time, strictly control the size of the change, prevent craze of does change caused by too much glue.

probability of the occurrence of cracking exists, also can prevent, but in the event of irreversible, only through some repair methods such as tenon, add glue to make up for. How much it make people unhappy, but sometimes also is another kind of beauty.

however, not everyone can accept this kind of beauty, in the face of the cracking of furniture, merchants can do is to put the good quality, good furniture maintains the propaganda, and waiting to offer follow-up service & hellip; …

crack; True real

this is why all the merchants of oakwood furnitureto sentence the wood craze of real wood furniture is a kind of natural attributes; 。 Because, this really is a kind of natural attributes.

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