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Solid wood dining table knowledge and key points of choose and buy

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-16
With the improvement of living standards, solid wood furniture has been flying off the shelves, solid wood furniture and other furniture, also divided into a variety of french country furniture types, solid wood cabinet, solid wood wardrobe, solid wood bed, solid wood sofa. These french country furniture at the same time of give people the practical application value, and to the people in the pursuit of quality of life and spiritual pursuit has added a color of beautiful. Wood from the nature, is the gift of nature, is closely related to people's life is one of the most environmental protection requirements. The topic of oakwood furnitureis too much, today small make up will lead you to talk about the most closely relationship with our solid wood dining table, food is!

solid wood dining table? Is relative to the current common glass dining table, marble, cane, in fact, in the end, each material has the advantages and disadvantages of each type of material.

including solid wood chair is the most environmentally friendly. Real wood the graininess of the eat desk and chair of the biggest advantages is like nature itself and change the natural color, but solid wood easy be affected with damp be affected with damp and dust adsorption in the wood texture, therefore, the best on the temperature and humidity appropriate environment, as far as possible away from the location of the air flow is stronger, more do not put in central heating near or under the sun.

solid wood chair features:

solid wood puzzle, after paint surface without rugged phenomenon of spelling a glue line and panel, and in the process of long-term use of physical properties is stable;

wood utilization rate is higher, comply with the principle of ecological use of raw materials. So in terms of the use of color and texture, the use of solid wood puzzle decorating plate is more suitable for furniture and decorative function sheet

although solid wood puzzle glue quantity than solid wood puzzle, but due to the double cladding surface protection of thick veneer, and quadrilateral thick veneer edge banding only two sides actually eight glue line, so solid wood puzzle in adhesive glue line through volatile chemicals is far lower than solid wood puzzle wide and solid wood line, the amount of volatile, more environmental protection and health.

real wood of choose and buy when the eat desk and chair should pay attention to what?

choose eat desk and chair the first condition is the area of have dinner area. If the restaurant has a very large area, can choose very thick texture, with suitable space; Area of the eat desk and chair of moderate; If the restaurant area is finite, and number of repast is not sure, can choose folding or telescoping table.

second depends on the style, the style of the eat desk and chair is best and dining-room decorate collocation is proper, if not sure, best choice style consistent with the table. Relative shape, round table is suitable for the square restaurant area is lesser, family atmosphere more rich democracy. Rectangular table can appear the atmosphere, is suitable for the family to use often party. Generally small square table, can appear warm a lot.

oakwood furniturechoice must first check whether the structure is strong, can push, longitudinal hard pressure and test by hand. When the choose and buy in one meter far beyond observation should be the same color, whether the same color, if not consistent, that is the color, surface treatment should be observed from details such as joint, back bend, whether joint closely, is consistent with the positive. So line or special-shaped design, can to see if uneven illumination, smooth lines, surface paint is uniform, hand feel is smooth, without burr, to found a group of the illumination, color is not uniform, technology not perfect products, must look to the light. All local connected with hardware, check to see if the hardware and wood with reasonable, if poor process, common hardware with paint, wood with scars, or solid. Belongs to commodity

solid wood furniture, average price is higher, so everyone in the choose and buy when, must carefully compared, the usual conscious to accumulate more relevant knowledge of solid wood furniture, another is, don't blindly advocate french country furniture brand, the brand is not equal to quality, think of a few years ago, leonardo Da Vinci, believe that you can also realize some truth!

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