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Solid wood bed couch couch rice order pay attention to what issues?

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-30
Solid wood tatami custom, in recent years has become one of the necessary french country furniture of a lot of families, made a good couch couch rice field not only can have a rest, still can increase to receive a lot of space, good design, also can become a real wooden bed, that is to make a lot of small family owners fondle admiringly. But at the time of custom tatami, we should pay attention to what matters, which avoid unnecessary design? Small make up for you to make a next few customized tatami considerations, feel useful friends share and collection oh ~

1. Build solid wood couch couch rice height is how many?

general custom-made solid wood tatami height - in 70 90 centimeters or so, don't design the height of the lift table is in commonly 150 ㎜ - 200 ㎜ between, is a practical stronger!

tatami bed 2. Custom engineered wood tatami waterproof layer to do?

be sure to do waterproof test before custom tatami, see if there is a leakage, if not the best, if you have this kind of situation, must do the waterproof layer, decorate again tatami, decorating a process, don't destroy the original waterproof! 。 To make sure that the balcony or outdoor drainage system on the ground. To avoid rain water seeping into the indoor, directly caused the bug eat by moth mildew.

3。 Tatami how custom design bearing structure

decorate in we must remember not to damage the original main wall, bearing structure, any decoration to house the original bearing structure as a benchmark, otherwise the consequences!

4 tatami custom-made _ french country furniture. What kind of wood used to make tatami?

it is best to use solid wood, regardless of the thickness, so when the choose and buy materials must not only compare the price, but also confirm clear what use plank. Here small make up recommend the use of simple sense is good red oak, the most important thing is to control the moisture content of timber and insect-resistant moistureproof processing work, set aside a few more air holes, made at the bottom of the air circulation, storage will be more health, this is the most important part of the work.

whole house series of solid wood french country furniture, one-stop customized production,' To save time, effort, worry. Hundred natural logs, traditional tenon structure of riveting classic heritage, exempt from all the intermediate links, will be one of the biggest benefits to customers. Choice, you can enjoy the free gauge | design | free lifetime maintenance; Quality service, welcome to visit the factory at any time.

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