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Soft outfit collocation bedroom 3 rules to learn

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-08


color coordination is king

a lot of friends when the choose and buy, often only focus on the item and ignored the coordination of the overall elements, and ultimately find space color very messy.

avoid this embarrassing situation, the collocation of the easiest method is to use metope light, the main body french country furniture neuter and tonal, small seats, hang a picture or use the high purity color act the role ofing is tasted, and high purity color is not more than 20% of the whole area.


to determine the visual center of a

in bedroom adornment, the scope of the attention of people must have a central point, so as to build the level of the primary and secondary distinct aesthetic feeling. The visual center is the focus of decorate on, break the monotony of the global.

can choose a lamp that droplight, adornment sex is very strong, for example a colourful hang a picture, or a sofa as the only bright visual center.


hold pillow to adorn

although pillow blocks, its adornment effect is very big still, and sometimes even make the finishing point. Pillow need not too much, a few selected pillow ornament, can instantly make space lively rise.

above, bedroom soft outfit with three rules, you have learned?

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