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So to decorate, small family also to a large space

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-23

( Preface] A house, even if again small can also carry people to desire. Although the space is limited, but hope to five people; , therefore, the small family is decorated also became a headache thing. Even so, in the process of decorating the small family, there are still some trick, as long as the master these tricks and reasonable, the small family also to a large space.

1。 Little space to follow light decoration; Principle

narrow space, do the rich modelling, will only make limited space appears more constraint; At the same time, the large scale changes, also will only make decoration costs soaring. And so, might as well use light to decorate; , on the basis of limited budget, the practicability of the space that occupy the home and the configuration of french country furniture, to remove some heavy repair, space is big.

2。 To rectify; , let a bedroom is concise and unified

small family decorate, want to understand reasonably to rectify; , let a bedroom concise and unification, and expand the bedroom area effectively. Specific can adopt the following solutions to achieve: first of all, inside the bedroom shoulds not be too much modelling; Second, indoor colour shoulds not be too complicated, light color fastens is preferred; Finally, the lamp is too large to split the limited space of the room, make whole room appears more small, should not be so lamp act the role ofing use droplight, used to absorb dome light as much as possible.

3。 Space utilization to have reasonable degree

due to the limited area, small family decorate ingeniously and reasonable use a space to do. Cannot use too full, also can't waste of space. Usually, can consider to steal from the wall space; Can be placed on the wall partition, which is used to put a few commonly used items; In addition, also can consider to make hole on the wall; , can the hole; Placed in the store content ark, virtually and save a lot of space.

4。 The design of the small family pay attention to some versatility

when the small family is decorated can into some of the design of the multifunctional depending on the situation. As the porch and shoe ark 2. 2; , enhance practical at the same time, further saving space. Such as this design can also be applied to the cabinet, above the door of the cabinet with a mirror, can perfectly realize the integration of the pier glass and store content ark.

5。 Small space also can move; Up

the more little space, the more we should emphasize the dynamic space, otherwise you will highlight monotonous. Little space to move; Up, on the one hand, to make certain the administrative levels, this aspect can create by color, depth collocation, brings the difference on colour sense; Local condole top, at the same time, also can be so easy to hidden line, and can also create a range of visual perception. Little space to move; Arise, on the other hand refers to is to has the feeling of smart, reasonable and clever use of glass, can make up for room daylighting is insufficient, also make the space abounds change. In addition, with the shutter, gauze curtain soft partition of also can make the room is full of clever gas.

( [note] Mastering these tricks, adjust measures to local conditions, flexible use, small family is decorated also to a large space.

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