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Small household health life knowledge

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-18
Household health life small household health life small knowledge, home health is a lot of friends more attention, this article is aimed at some little knowledge about the health of our life for everybody to make a share, in order to you in the life can have a reference, follow below small make up together to look at. 1, the toilet is too wet susceptible wet toilet easy for fungi, reproduction, induce respiratory disease. So, the wet mop should be dry and then into the toilet; Keep clear of sewer; Frequently open exhaust fan. 2, in addition to the home opportunely odor with water sprinkle of yam, pot with some fresh orange peel, closet, drawer, put a bag of dried tea leaves, put a little vinegar, stir fry pan heating evaporation, can remove the peculiar smell.

3, the flower eyes tired more indoor plants should be few but good. Too many will destroy the integral feeling of the environment, not only difficult to rise to adjust the mood, also can cause visual fatigue. 4, select the right of a good night's sleep flocking fabrics curtain curtain is relatively heavy, sound-absorbing, shading effect is good. Choose red, black with curtains, help to sleep as soon as possible. 5, shower room, full of toughened glass is the most safe use half or hot bending glass, toughened glass with cold water with hot water in winter or summer, is likely to burst, the security of toughened glass is high. 6, household ceramic tile, too bright eyes white, metallic reflective strong ceramic tile, may lead to myopia and cataract, not suitable for large area is used. When decorating, had better choose inferior smooth brick. 7, when the balcony kitchen, kitchen is provided at the risk on the balcony, frosty winter easy line, cause safety accidents; Spring, summer, windy season, easy to blow the fire, cause gas leakage.

8, buy furniture, the most environmental protection furniture samples placed in the air for a long time, the harmful material such as formaldehyde, benzene to release more completely; Samples using more real, some manufacturers also will be in addition to aldehydes. 9, decorate a room, use less oil painting oil paints containing a certain amount of soluble antimony, arsenic, barium, lead, mercury, selenium and other elements, if by human body excessive intake, may do harm to health. 10 don't old sleep a mattress, mattress sleep side is easy to cause the spring deformation, mattress sag, new mattress best every 2 & ndash; A change of both the front and put way 3 months. 11, toilet brush, a half year in toilet brush brush with long hair will fall off, easy to shelter evil people and practices, the best one in six months. If placed in tight containers, also easy to breed bacteria. 12, pet hair, with tea at the end of the sweep left will drink the tea at the end of the drain, sprinkled on the ground, reoccupy broom to clean, easy to go pet hair, but it is better to brew tea for many times. 13, a smoke lampblack machine to also want to open a window although smoke lampblack machine can take lampblack, that, when burned, but it does not take the gas exhaust gas, the gas more harmful to human body. At the end of the 14, furniture snake, a bit prickly ash wood french country furniture of eat by moth, pointed peppers or prickly ash can be beaten at the end of the hole into bug eat by moth, then daub paraffin oil, deinsectization for 10 days. 15, floor drain, good cast iron, cast copper, stainless steel floor drain, rough surface, easy to rust and small displacement, the velocity is slow; PVC floor drain anti-aging performance is poor, encounter cold heat deformation easily.

16, wallpaper, stick a wall paper and glue adhesion agent will release volatile organic compounds, so might as well just to decorate the TV wall, thematic wall and other visual point. 17, sweating more, with the porous structure of bamboo charcoal, bamboo charcoal mattress to mattress can absorb the carbon dioxide, ammonia, and skin humidity khan gas, keep the body comfortable sleep. 18, room color also can cure orange can induce appetite, indigo blue helps to ease the pain of patients after surgery, purple can soothe, eliminate intense sentiment.

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