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Size and height of the most common knowledge in domestic outfit will look

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-09

【 Gas stove 】

height: should be 0. 86 - 0. 89 m between or 0. 94m- 1. 00 m between.

width: should be 0. 47岁的m - 0. Between 5 m or 0. 55m- 0. 62 m between.

gas stove from sticking to the height of the calculate since the zero height of ground brick, until the hearth level. Hearth diameter at its widest refers to the width of mesa place, if the table is not a standard linear, but curved, its most wide diameter should not exceed 0. 62 m, and then bending natural transition to narrow the distance, the narrow diameter should not be lower than 0. 47m。

【 Hanging TV 】

height: people sitting on the sofa, measure the height of the eyes to the ground, the centerline of the TV ( Horizontal line) Flush with the line of sight, or slightly below the line of sight.

the actual installation, if the bottom of the hanging TV too close to the ground, may cause the following problems:

1, is not convenient to clean the floor and the corner under the television;

2, has been to look down the line of sight, may cause the neck fatigue;

3, wall-mounted TV position is too low, the upper part of vacant position too much, will cause the disharmony and hang a wall,

4, children playing, may accidentally damaged LCD screen, it is also possible for children of safe hidden trouble.

so, TV installation no fixed height, according to own actual situation to install.

【 Restaurant droplight 】

common restaurant chandelier height, according to the discretion of the height of the room, table, to determine the size of the restaurant, most of the droplight with distance about 55 - table 60 cm, its lowest point and the distance of the ceiling should be less than 2. 2 m, this will not affect the height of the intensity of illumination, also not collision problems.

【 Chest]

1, under 650 mm, generally designed to put small items, in the 650 - This scale is designed for 1850 mm for common seasonal clothes, design is not commonly used in more than 1850 mm items and change garments according to the clothes. Generally the ark 2100 mm, the rest of the whole return blanks.

2, the top surface of the drawer best less than 1250 mm high, especially the elderly room should consider more about 1000 mm, so use more convenient, highly - in 150 In 400-200 mm, width 800mm。

3 650 mm, trousers rack space should be reserved, if is the use of hangers to hang, should keep at least 700 mm.

4, in 400 - layer plate and plate spacing 600 mm, too small and too generally unfavorable to put clothes.

in 530-5, chest depth Depth of 620 mm, usually for women, the wardrobe in 580 mm, and the door, the whole wardrobe in the width of 600 mm, the width of the clothes have how much of a problem.

6, jacket, suit the minimum 800 mm in height.

7, long coat is not less than 1300 mm high, otherwise it will drag the bottom of the tank.

8, incase if you want to place dressing mirror, height should be controlled in 1000 - 1400mm。

【 Tatami.

height: the height of the couch couch rice according to the height of the room and required storage space to decide, generally in 25 50 ㎝. For the height is higher, even more than 3 m's house, the height of the couch couch rice in 40 cm; If the height is short, height should be reduced, if too high, the room is very depressed.

in addition, if placed to lift table, couch couch rice height must be above 35 ㎝, don't need to lift table, 15 Between 20 ㎝.

size: a standard rectangular and non rectangular two couch couch rice, regular rectangular length-width ratio of two specifications for 1800 mmx900mm commonly, standard thickness of 35 mm and 45 mm, 55 mm, but generally adopt the 55 mm thickness specification, other size is rarely used.

【 Ceramic tile 】

glazed pottery: a square 152 200 x200mm x152mm, glazed tile, rectangular 152 x200mm, 200 x300mm glazed tile, glazed tile thickness of commonly used there are 5 mm and 6 mm.

body brick: generally speaking, there are 400 x400mm, 500 x500mm, 600 x600mm, 800 x800mm, 900 x900mm, 1000 x1000mm several.

bo changes a brick: x500mm 300 x400mm x300mm, 400, 500, 600 x600mm, 800 x800mm and so on.

Mosaic: 20 x20mm, 25 x25mm, 30 x30mm, thickness of 4 mm - in all 4. 3 mm.

calcium silicate board, calcium silicate board specification is 1220 x2440mm, is domestic commonly used three specifications, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm is the thickness of the market.

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