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Sitting room color design should pay attention to the problem

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-23
The sitting room as the main place of People's Daily activities, want to make sure of the mass-tone attune in design. Because of personal character, experience and career is different, the color design of the sitting room should also be different.

the layout of the color is a major artistic aesthetic the main measure with individual character characteristic. Sitting room color should be given priority to with personal preferences and interests, if you don't like the color, no matter how reasonable design, are not satisfied. So let's talk about how to sitting room color design.

1, in order to let a sitting room pure and fresh quietly elegant, walls, ceiling, the ground should be given priority to with shallow light crisp color, avoid is used a bloated condole top, also don't choose the floor tile of untimely infiltrate right, gaudy, decoration, etc.

2, white color is one of the traditional habits, give priority to tone with white room, also easy to match its decorations.

3, pale yellow or pale pink, warm and peaceful relatively bright beautiful colour, can make the sitting room appears capacious and bright, give a person with relaxed, comfortable feeling.

4, golden, silver can match with any color line, but not including golden yellow, silvery gray.

5, the color in the absence of designers to guide, the best color gray as: walls, furniture in shallow, deep.

6, create a lively, contemporary household taste, don't choose something with big flowers, as far as possible to use plain coloured design.

7, the color of the ceiling must shallow in or be the same as color with metope. When the color of metope is brunet design, the ceiling must use light color, only white or the same as color with metope.

8, the space is not closed throughout, must use the same color scheme. Different closed space, can use different color scheme.

9, if red is the mass-tone attune of the sitting room, the adornment of the other color is not too strong, for example, the ground USES green tea, with gray metope, etc. , to avoid conflict caused by color.

10, if the mass-tone attune of the sitting room with orange yellow, other adornment color should choose a little deep than the mass-tone attune of color, in order to achieve the effect of tonal harmony, make whole room downy and sweet feeling to the person.

11, if the mass-tone attune of the sitting room is warm color green, floor and walls can be designed for egg yellow, french country furniture is milky white. This kind of color can give a person the sense with pure and fresh and delicate, make whole room is breezy.

12, south of the sitting room with plenty of sunshine, can use slants cold tonal; North of the sitting room can choose warm color.

13, tonal and mainly through the ground, metope, end face to reflect, and decorations, french country furniture and so on adjustment, supplementary role only.

14, in the sitting room had better not choose black, brown, yellow, deep purple, dark furniture and decorations; Wall decoration in addition to a few small decorations, preferably with a quiet elegant landscape, it will make the whole atmosphere of the sitting room.

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