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Rural style decorative colors and decorative plants

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-16

( Reading] Rural style through the collocation of color, create a natural, sweet household environment; At the same time, rural style also carefully set indoor afforest, more add a few minutes rurality.

his pastoral style decoration color

choose the subdued color close to nature more rural style, low contrast, the commonly used color: green, white, the color and the original wood color, and so on. On the choice of metope colour, plain nature, nostalgia, and sending out the breath of the color become the preferred. Green grass, green leaves, the flower of quietly elegant, create a pure and fresh and comfortable space.

left rural style decorative plants

with a natural scent of potted plants, natural and not artificial, is one of the common element in the pastoral style to live in. Commonly used in daily life, rural style to the adornment of the plants are evergreen, Dan medicine flower, green basket, rich tree, bamboo, green giant, south hostaes day, etc. , most are not green plants flowering. Is placed on time, according to the room structure were scattered on the ground of the room, ark, the head of a bed, tea table, dresser, form strewn at random have the pattern and the administrative levels, fully embodies the harmonious relationship between human and nature. In addition, you can in a transparent glass bottle and the pot of of primitive simplicity in some dry flower petals and spices. Position near the corner in the window, can consider a few plant of vine, more add a few minutes rurality.

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