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Rise in the proportion of solid wood furniture suite products into people's favorite

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-18
On May 18, by the shenzhen furniture LTD. , jointly organized by the furniture industry of chengdu chamber of commerce, the western international furniture material procurement center to undertake 'headquarters' 2015 furniture trends conference held in chengdu in the western international furniture material procurement center. Issued at the meeting in 2015 domestic furniture trends and soft outfit colour tendency, and has made the detailed explanation, around these points for each big enterprise present marketing strategy thinking and design style this year.     Rise in the proportion of solid wood furniture suite product proliferation & # 8195;   In may and November each year in the western international furniture material procurement center regularly held furniture material and furniture design product launch, and chengdu as the center, radiation national furniture industry chain, related to the national furniture industry upstream and downstream enterprises to interact.     From shenzhen furniture product research and development, director of the institute Luo Xinlin for domestic first article and solid wood furniture has carried on the detailed explanation, through data analysis of the three big furniture fair this spring, solid wooden products began to, proportion accounted for a total of 31. 4%. While other piece, sofa and plate wood suite respectively accounted for 20. 3%, 15. 3% and 10. 6%, much lower than the solid wooden products. Luo Xinlin thought, now more and more enterprises begin to go to integrate marketing ideas, by is equipped with a complete set of products, realize the concept, more than the single sell a stunt.     Modern solid wood in furniture material analysis, especially in the walnut and accounts for the biggest sharply wood, respectively accounted for more than 14. 6%, 12. Proportion of 5%, but from 2014, in the fall. And tinsel wood, red wings wood is on the rise, in the third, fourth. It is worth mentioning that in teenage children furniture material, the proportion of solid wood furniture, up 19 2014. Account for 8%, almost in half, and wood board declined to 28. 6%. Because people are paying more attention to environmental protection, especially in children furniture parts, greatly increase the proportion of solid wood materials.     Latent blue and Martha la red wine is 2015 household tide color & # 8195;   Then, from shenzhen furniture Yuan Qiufeng, director of the institute of research and development center, on the display space soft outfit trend has carried on the comprehensive introduction. Published by the international fashion colour committee 2015 color: blue sea, green, toasted almonds, latent water, resin masala, glaciers and so on dozens of red wine color, the color represents the international fashion trend of 2015. Yuan Qiufeng is by way of analyzing the pictures show on the milan furniture fair this year, some international household brands such as: Flou, meridiani, lema, etc. , for the use of these colors. And a symbol of the sophisticated and elegant sophisticated masala wine red and bright blueberries several color such as blue, resin green, became the favorite of people, will lead 2015 color trends.     Through data analysis and market forecast, Yuan Qiufeng said the furniture enterprises should follow the market, consumer needs and preferences at every age stage, to develop different marketing strategies and furniture design style, can eventually win the market.
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