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Real wood of choose and buy information

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-10
Decoration market at present, the door is a lot of more phyletic, PVC plastic door reliefs, molded doors, solid wood door, etc. , which due to the real wood door with simple and elegant, natural warmth, smooth shape, the characteristic of diversity of styles, for modern people's pursuit, piao guizhen, advocate natural and widely welcomed.

1。 The choice of material

currently popular real wood material has northeast Korean pine, yu, Chinese catalpa wood, oak, beech, etc. People choose the material of real wood door, should not only consider economic conditions, and want to consider the overall coordination of with other solid wood products in the home. Here are all kinds of features:

1) Korean pine, texture is soft, dry, dry shrink, not easy cracking deformation, water resistance, corrosion, straight and evenly, texture structure belongs to medium, resin capsule, affordable, suitable for general grade decoration.

( 2) Northeast elm: wood slightly hard, material tenacity, straight texture. Decorative pattern beauty, color difference is small, the structure is coarse, luster, not easy to dry, dry shrinkage, easy generation become warped crack, suitable for middle-grade decoration.

( 3) Chinese catalpa wood, wood slightly softer, the grain is straight or oblique, slightly rough structure, color and pleasing to the eye, decorative pattern beauty, dry hard, but after working properties of stability, deformation, corrosion resistance, suitable for middle-grade decoration.

( 4) Straight or oblique, oak wood, water resistant, texture structure is coarse, luster, there is a sharp markings, adornment sex is very strong, but the material weight, dry hard, warping and cracking easily, suitable for high grade decoration.

( 5) Ju wood: high-grade timber, texture clear, beautiful, fine texture, color difference is small, the price is higher, generally in European beech, for good, suitable for high-grade decoration.

2。 Real wood door process description

( 1) Material drying: the middle and low temperature gas liquid circulation dehumidification drying and spray wet eliminate internal stress of the world's advanced wood processing technology. Its characteristic is: the drying time is long, eliminating internal stress significantly, moisture content is stable, not deformation, not cracking, do not change color.

( 2) Structure: by the door and broad support, lintel, etc. , using solid wood integrated composite structure, further overcome the deformation caused by internal stress of wood products.

( 3) Glue: the higher than national standard import moistureproof woodworking glue, in order to apply to including bathroom is wet.

( 4) Coating color: should be decided according to different wood and different grade. Chinese catalpa wood door generally choose brown or light brown as well; Elm, oak wood, northeast ju wood door generally choose log color is better; Korean pine doors generally choose the original wood color, shallow coffee as well. Wooden color difference is bigger, or has the obvious flaws such as knot of real wood should be with opaque glaze. All kinds of transparent lacquer appropriate chooses semifinished ( Or matte) Paint.

( 5) Packing: using plastic sealed packaging, reduce the finished products are influenced by environmental weather change, before painting it to ensure the stable quality of products is also very important.

3。 Key points of real wood of choose and buy

1) When the choose and buy real wood door products, should as far as possible choose normal manufacturer, in the market enjoy a certain reputation of famous brand products, because they have good ChuYu, and suffered the market test for a long time, the quality of product, especially moisture content control is stable. Due to the moisture content is a key factor affecting the quality of wood inner, often at the time is not easy to find, use for a period of time after exposure. In addition, without paint products, sealed plastic sealed packaging quality also is very critical.

( 2) In use, in order to ensure the high quality real wood door to your office or home products in a good condition for a long time, must be avoided because of using the environment temperature and humidity fluctuations, causing the change of lumber moisture content is too big. Such as: theoretical bare wood at room temperature of 21 degrees Celsius, humidity was 35%, moisture content is stable at 6% 8%; The temperature of 29. 5 c, humidity 65%, wood absorb moisture from the air balance until the moisture content at 11%. As a result, the normal use environment should be controlled in: 10 - temperature 30 degrees Celsius, the relative humidity in 30% It is advisable to 70%. Such as beyond the scope of adjustment measures should be taken: summer relative humidity is too high, can by dropping the wet air conditioning; ; Winter climate is dry, especially the rooms with the space heaters or long time, low relative humidity ( Less than 30%) Should be paid attention to, humidification; To deal with.

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