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Province strong european-style furniture, French furniture market

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-29
European style furniture has got attention in recent years, European style furniture, French furniture market has accounted for the domestic various people in the stores, around forty percent of all varieties, all sorts of Occident style furniture theme operating stores but also emerge in endlessly, professional stores nearly 10, a total business area of more than 50000 square meters. What is undeniable is that the European and American style furniture at home, is affecting and changing people decorate a style and the grade that occupy the home. As long as it comes to high-grade furniture, people will think of European and American classical furniture, also call it the european-style palace furniture. At present relatively popular in the market of Europe type furniture mainly interested in type furniture, French found, Spanish, English furniture furniture, each style has different categories, such as according to the new classical style can be subdivided into rural, rural, etc. From the origin, is currently in the domestic sales of European and American style furniture only a fraction is really imported from European and American countries, mostly in the form of domestic design and manufacture. European and American furniture is more expensive than modern style of furniture, belongs to the category of high-grade furniture. Furniture market produce everything, this is for the nation's largest gives the impression of European and American style furniture business premises. Because is located in the center of the Chinese furniture manufacturing, space is large, the selection of products at the same time as many operators generally attach importance to the internationalization of product, by participating in various exhibitions at home and abroad procurement in the latest wave of furniture products. This is also the European and American furniture operator can always lead domestic peers to maintain the competitive advantage of a weapon.
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