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Pregnant women are not suitable for using camphor wood furniture!

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-08
Camphor wood is to be the superior material or carved furniture since ancient times, it is said that in southern China in some families, if gave birth to a girl, will grow a camphor tree in the home, wait to be married, make furniture as a dowry. Good characteristics of both ancient and modern, camphorwood furniture, let a person. Advantages but there is no perfect things, sometimes improper use, will be transformed into disadvantages. Because camphor trees evergreen, and slow growth, so the rings are very close, texture is firm. Therefore, camphorwood furniture often keep its original texture, natural and beautiful.

followed by everyone know, camphorwood furniture with its natural fragrance, of which the extracted substances, can make the closet, often using camphor ball. And the fragrance of camphorwood furniture made, some camphorwood utensils unearthed in hundreds of years later, the new section will still be sending out the aroma.

again oakwood furnitureare afraid to eat by moth, but the smell of camphorwood itself can ward off or kill some cockroaches, ants class of bugs. But also can remove the formaldehyde and peculiar smell in the air moisture absorption, etc.

finally, camphorwood itself also have medicinal value, not only can promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, (, also can prevent arthritis, etc.

all in all, its performance is good, environmental protection, harmless and clothing, also do not pollute the environment.

the disadvantage of camphorwood furniture

there are always two sides to everything, again good thing have a harmful side, this needs us in the process of using reasonable avoid. While the scent of camphor wood can purify air, for example, to kill insects ants, but it contained in the scent of camphor, ether, phenolic substances such as camphor, all have different degrees of harm to human body. Especially in the ventilation is not good in the bedroom, can lead to poor quality of sleep, confusion, dizziness weakness even vomiting.

in addition, camphor is promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis resistance to pregnancy. But this effect for pregnant women, is a kind of harm, so, if there are pregnant women in the home, the best guarantee good ventilation condition of the bedroom, or temporarily camphorwood chest moved to the other room. Of course, had better not buy camphorwood bed, otherwise very easy to cause miscarriage.

no matter what the furniture made of wood, there are the advantages and disadvantages of the corresponding. So, need to be aware before purchase. If you use the right of way, camphorwood furniture can play its efficacy, good store clothing, not only may guarantee the health of human body. But if you use different wind, camphorwood furniture in the room all day, own nausea and dizziness is not wasted a good french country furniture? So, small make up hope everyone a lot of use of the advantages of camphorwood furniture, effectively avoid its disadvantages.

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