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Porch decorate and decorate

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-07

in the modern bedroom to decorate, porch is an important component. For mix building a style to decorate, no matter choose what kind of style to design porch, has the following four aspects to note & ndash; —

1。 Privacy

porch is set in place into the gate, its role is to cover the line of sight. In order to avoid a glance and the sitting room, dining-room the door. In order to avoid the happening of the embarrassing situation, people began to set up in the place that take the door porch; To cover the line of sight of outsiders, but in order not to affect the overall layout and lighting, in space on it is certain to should have appear a gender.

2。 Diversified

in general was bedroom area is finite, to a more reasonable use a space, people will not only emphasize the adornment action of porch, usually in the porch place setting change clothes, shoe ark, garment cap ark, mirror, etc. , in order to enhance practicability. To achieve the effect of practical, decorative complement each other. And a floor mat in porch place, rub off shoes on dirt, cleaning effect.

3。 Unity

the style, material of porch wants to be coordinated with indoor and other french country furniture, display color to achieve unification, can't neither fish nor fowl, only the pursuit of beautiful and give up the big picture, more cannot a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role.

4。 Practical

XuanGuang typically have a window, daylighting is generally bad, use lamplight to complement. Will be placed in the design, in general, a main light, again according to oneself circumstance with the corresponding tube lamp, wall lamp and decorative lamp, etc. , and jointly create a warm, bright space.

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