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'Particle board of man-made board series'

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-15

particle board is to use wood or wood processing residue after processed into wood shavings, add a certain amount of adhesive to suppress. Plane fan plate has high strength, wide size, no crack, and homogeneous structure, etc. Hollow particleboard and good sound insulation, heat insulation performance, but there is still heavy of the poor and the power that grasp a hammer.

particleboard can be sawing, milling, drilling, such as sanding and surface decoration processing, but because of containing more adhesive, during machining, tool wear is better. On the saw cutting, saw blade serrate should use tungsten steel, milling tenon using high speed steel tools or tungsten steel cutting tools; Drilling drilling and the application of high speed steel or hard alloy bit. Particieboard can paint coating, also can use sticky plastic veneers or material such as plastic film on the surface decoration.

【 Particieboard classification 】

according to the current production process can be divided into flat pressure method is used to particle board and particieboard two kinds extrusion method.

1。 Flat pressure particieboard

production add stress, perpendicular to the surface when the position of the shavings are arranged parallel to the plate. This kind of particle board in the form of the structure of single pressure, three layers and three types of gradient structure. According to different purposes, can be carried out by surface, coating and other secondary processing, also can be used directly.

2。 Extrusion method shavings pull

parallel to the surface pressure of the pressure when production is made. This kind of particle board, in the form of the structure of solid and hollow tubular two kinds, usually after coated surface processing is needed to use.

【 Particle board size 】

1。 Thickness

the thickness of various kinds of particle board feet is 6, 8, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 25, 30 mm, etc.

2。 Wide size ( See table below)

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