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Oak furniture daily cleaning and maintenance methods

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-18
Oak furniture in the furniture belongs to more high-grade furniture, when the choose and buy needs careful observation, at the time of use to maintain well, the rich los furniture introduce ten oak furniture maintenance method. First of all, is to avoid dust. Oak furniture usually have delicate carving decoration, need regular dust, small cracks are deposited easily affect regards, dust but also make wooden furniture agile 'older' killer. Second, because hardwood contains water, hardwood furniture will shrink, when the air humidity is too low, too high inflation. All general hardwood furniture production is rising layers, but use should pay attention to when putting, don't take it too wet or too dry. Finally, away from the corrosive liquid, sharp instruments to stay away from furniture, in order to avoid scratch furniture surface, affecting the service life of furniture of beautiful and use. Clean before first use half dry and wet towel, wipe the dust and dirt on the surface of the bed, want to avoid oily be soiled, ball-point pen, ink and other dirty bed. Methods: first, hardwood now has two kinds, tradition of hardwood furniture surface paint layer, no just wax. Now the new production of hardwood furniture surface with Chinese lacquer or varnish protection. Is there a difference hardwood furniture maintenance of different processing methods. Second, hardwood contains water, hardwood furniture, when the air humidity is too low will shrink, too high inflation. General hardwood furniture production is rising layers, but use should pay attention to when putting, don't take it too wet or too dry place, such as near the stove heating and other high temperature high fever, or too humid place such as basement, lest produce mildew and weather-shack, etc. Three, if it is a bungalow, low-lying houses ground moisture should be the appropriate furniture leg cushion is high, otherwise the leg susceptible to moisture corrosion. Four, when transporting or moving furniture should be light moving light put, can't pull hard, so as not to damage the mortise and tenon joint structure. Tables and chairs class cannot lift surface, easy to fall off, from the table and chairs on both sides should be hand carried, cabinet best cupboard door and then lift, can reduce weight, also avoid activities cupboard door. If you want to move heavy furniture in particular, can use soft rope filed and moving furniture set into the chassis. Five, the furniture surface to avoid long-term place objects too heavy, especially television, tank, etc. , can make furniture deformation. The desktop is unfavorable not breathable material like plastic. Six, such as the floor in the rooms, after a long time will lead to deformation of furniture, avoid method is to use a small wood pad. Seven, absolutely not wet dishcloth or coarse cloth wipe and hardwood furniture, especially the old furniture. With a clean soft pure cotton cloth, after a period of time to add a few furniture wax or walnut oil, gently wipe brush back and forth along the grain. Eight, furniture surface friction with hard objects should be avoided, so as not to damage the paint and wood surface texture, such as placing porcelain vessels such as decorative items cannot be too careful, it is best to put a soft cloth. Nine, avoid the furniture put before the big glass window facing south, long-term direct sunlight can make furniture is too dry, will fade. Ten, hot water cup cannot be placed directly on the surface of furniture, such as leave traces of not easy to remove. Colored liquid, should absolutely avoid such as ink sprinkled on the surface of the table.
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