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【 】 - - - - - - Oak furniture and rubber wood furniture how to distinguish

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-12

good for just decorate new home, like the simple sense, oak friends want to buy the oak furniture will encounter such a trouble, how can I buy real oak furniture, but the market as the rubber wood, oak everywhere what oak, Thai is Thailand rubber wood, now there are many online selling furniture, in the guise of oak material, buy the item is rubber wood, oak and rubber wood is just there. But there are very big difference, first of all, the rubber wood and oak price difference is very big, a few times or even several times the price difference, and that is why so many businesses will use rubber wood instead of oak, a solid oak french country furniture, but how can we distinguish oak and rubber wood?

from today for everyone to look at the time, let you identify as a master! First introduce you to the

rubber wood:

rubber adulthood every year out of juice, this is what we use rubber raw materials. Many years later after the glue from rubber tree are no longer, we spent its timber processing and furniture, this is rubber wood. Rubber wood is widely used in making furniture, in order to achieve the purpose of saving resources, and because the performance comparison of the environmental protection rubber wood, so the rubber wood to make furniture is often referred to as the environmental protection furniture.

oak is widely distributed in the northern hemisphere the general area, woodiness is good, is a common material, make furniture is a post many-sided ideal timber, plywood production oak roughly divided into red oak and white oak on the market two categories, the pattern of straight lines and horizontal grain, straight grain is good, price is a bit expensive. The average price of high-grade imported oak is also high.

rubber and oak wood texture

1 rubber wood and oak difference: first of all, the region of growth, oak growth in Russia and the United States, and rubber wood more growth in southeast Asia subtropical region. Price, oak is several times of rubber wood, so there are undesirable businessman as oak to fraud consumers use rubber wood, you to pay special attention to. Oak is tough texture, feel very heavy; Much and rubber wood is relatively soft, feel is smaller and lighter. Oak tree grain shape, there is no obvious and touch feel very smooth, this is a rough rubber wood can't fake.

2 actually we all know, oak are relatively rare in China, the price of natural oak will not low, compared with the rubber wood was originally produced in southeast Asia, so naturally, price will not so high. From this point we can also distinguish the oak wood and rubber. So I want to buy furniture of oak friend to do your homework.

3 rubber board full name is rubber wood board, is made of growth natural rubber rubber plate, surface have tooth interface, in order to use all kinds of the length of the wood, the surface of the wood grain is not obvious, the color is more light.

oak and rubber wood identification

because of rubber wood and is not a class of oak wood, so the market will rubber wood. Referred to as oak; Behavior is a kind of misleading. So, the average consumer how to identify?

1, basically, oak furniture quality tree species is less, if imported, the price is higher.

2, attention should be paid to see mu wen is clear and beautiful. Since it has more distinct grain shape, so the higher the oak wood grain the clearer. But not for rubber wood oak wood grain.

3, paying special attention to whether the wooden fine clean, if consumers to buy the dark oak furniture, want to take a closer look at any part of the painting, see the simple sense of presence of oak.

4, as well as whether color is pure. Oak furniture had better choose grey model, and rubber wood lubricious pure, not even a spot, black spots.

if encountered that kind of color is deeper, Such as scarlet, deep black, etc. ) And labeled oak furniture; And consumers to pay special attention to. At present there are some domestic furniture manufacturers, from hunan, jiangxi and other places to buy a very cheap price of miscellaneous wood as oak, this kind of miscellaneous wood nut and not tough, long will craze.

it is worth mentioning that because oak hard texture, the presence of water to take off the net is difficult, not pure water production of furniture, a gears to deformation, when consumer is bought to be especially careful. Oak material found in use is good material, the price also relatively moderate.

in the end, the factory directly Wish everyone can buy the real oak furniture.

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