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Nine big mistake maintenance methods do you know?

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-05
Beautiful people through maintenance to keep youth, furniture is no exception. Only a good maintenance of furniture, furniture can remain in the best state, prolong service life. But you really know how to maintain the furniture? Avoid the following nine big mistake common furniture and maintenance methods, let 'senescence' nowhere appeared. Furniture is a maintenance error method, don't flush plywood production of furniture, avoid soaking in alkaline, preventing plywood glue or come unglued. Furniture and maintenance error method 2, don't use coarse or old clothes to wipe furniture, prevent scratch furniture. Furniture maintenance method error three, don't use dry cloth to wipe the dust off and in order to avoid wear furniture, make its surface bleak and coarse, shining no longer. Furniture maintenance error method with four, don't use the soap water, detergent, wet cloth to wipe the furniture, they have certain corrosive, if moisture penetration into the wood, wood can also lead to mold or local deformation, shorten service life. Furniture maintenance error method of five, don't use the original paint with furniture colour and lustre of different pigments and putty mix well with embedded furniture fracture plugging after, lest leave scars; Furniture and maintenance error method six, don't place a high concentration of alcohol, banana oil on the surface of the table and starts boiling hot stuff such as boiling water, in case of damage to the paint. Seven, don't put furniture furniture maintenance error method in the sunlight and dry place. At the same time also don't put the furniture in very humid places, the passage of time will can't open the drawer. Of course, do not put heavy pressure on furniture for a long time, makes the deformation of furniture. Eight, don't put some furniture maintenance error method wax product direct daub is on furniture, can make furniture surface with mist spots. Nine, don't spray wax furniture maintenance error method on the leather,, the pore that will bring about leather goods jams, speed up the leather ageing, shorten its service life.
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