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New furniture of Europe type style how to remove formaldehyde?

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-26
Everyone knows that no matter what type of furniture, are formaldehyde, we now buy furniture's first task is how to make furniture can more quickly and clean give to remove the formaldehyde, today small make up to you to sort out a few small tips to remove the formaldehyde, hope can bring you some help. 1. More ventilation ventilation is the basic and save money in addition to formaldehyde method, using air flow away pollutants, bring fresh air. Although it slowly ventilation in addition to formaldehyde, but no matter use what products we can not ignore ventilation in addition to formaldehyde. 2. Adsorption formaldehyde formaldehyde removal should cooperate with a variety of methods, is only a single ventilation in addition to formaldehyde easily remain blind Angle. The corner, the furniture, drawer and other ventilation inaccessible corner, you can use the package adsorption activated carbon pollution. Activated carbon has developed pore, can be targeted to strengthen management, improve efficiency in addition to formaldehyde. In addition to the activated carbon can also use the Maya blue, more can effectively prevent the secondary pollution. 3. Plants in addition to formaldehyde bracketplant, money plant, such as drug use grass plants absorb harmful toxic gas, to a certain extent, plants to decorate pollution conversion rate is very low, however, to achieve the ideal effect, in addition to formaldehyde with a room full of green plant is not enough, I'm afraid. But plants can increase the oxygen in the air and humidity, is still a fresh indoor air, beautify the environment of good choice, good anyway.
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