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Neo-classical European style furniture is introduced

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-21
A talk of Europe type furniture, people will think of 'magnificence' these four words. This four word meaning is very deep, it not only refers to the furniture product appearance of luxury, with makings fastidious, connotation and process of detailed and manufacturing level of skill and caution, more important is that it contains a history of heavy before, and the former history of enduring legends. Most of Europe type furniture planning first european-style building, it can be divided into five kinds of style description: first, the Renaissance, 15 In the 16th century. This period are all became archaize furniture art products, and must be flowers in the greenhouse. But the period of the painting art has had a huge impact on furniture, furniture manufacturing exquisite craftsman people beginning in 2014 mid-term exam sprint comprehensive review counselling Beijing regional test questions of jiangsu regional paper pattern and color of wood veneer material, beginning with natural coloured wood to joining together the picture. People evaluation of Renaissance furniture works like this: balance, implicative, control, and the rational and logical. It is important that the furniture of this period did not constitute their style handed down from ancient times, it is consumed gradually in the long river of history before. Second, the gothic style, the 14th century. To fabulous with rich modern furniture in the composition of the ornamental engraving, popular in France, with spires and arch volume and the vertical line is given priority to, tall, light, rich and elegant, the influence of the ancient building representative are: the British Westminster, Notre Dame DE Paris, France, Germany's cologne cathedral. Description of 'gothic' building, people use the phrase: 'it's like flame up to the sky, upright and outspoken, standing'. And furniture manufacturing in this period, is modelled on the building shape is given priority to, in the style of the existing furniture in Spain and most the most authentic. Third, the rococo style, the 18th century. When it comes to the rococo style is when it comes to a man, he is a British furniture planning master's friends, 1718 - 1779) 。 He is China's tower, the Oriental element such as suzhou garden skills with western furniture manufacturing expertise. He is the furniture industry one of the most accomplished together furniture planner, and the first named after planner furniture in the style of furniture. In friends of dyer is on furniture history rococo furniture of synonyms, he is the founder of the rococo style. Is French rococo style 'rock', 'conch' compound word, word meaning as the rococo, meaning is mixed and disorderly wave curve modelled on the shells and the shape of the rock, and matches by the fine vulture act the role ofing, to find a solution to the movement of the dainty and grandeur, give a person with the flow of movement. Strictly speaking, the rococo style was in France at the beginning of the 18th century palace consists of a method of interior decoration of the rococo style furniture in the 1730 s gradually replaced the baroque style. Fourth, the baroque style, 17 - The 18th century. Baroque is Portuguese, meaning the deformation of pearls, untidy, distort, absurd, pioneer in Italy style. This period of furniture products grand, lively, enthusiastic, bold, carve, is chosen to stick on techniques on the amounts of gold platinum, colour, etc. If a period with the former ( The Renaissance) The comparison, it how kind and implicative, baroque style is how endowed with dramatic and varied. These two different art style. Renaissance furniture express is rational, and the furniture of the baroque style exquisite is dynamic, is movement, change and melody. More important is the planning of furniture from gothic mechanically simple imitates the building modelling to based on 'human nature', in order to meet the demands of life functions and humanized to planning, at this point compared with gothic furniture, the furniture of the baroque style has a qualitative prance. Through the above several kinds of style of the introduction of Europe type furniture style we see not hard, royal furniture STVILLA exquisite carving process. Relieve the circulation line, light and soft feathers, rolling waves, luxurious Gen trumpet creeper, quiet shells. Full and rich rose carving process is to let people feel shine at the moment, the feelings can't of dignitaries.
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