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Need to be careful when Europe type furniture of choose and buy

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-23
Europe type furniture material variety, common oak, walnut, mahogany and other material, also have special rare, using the so-called europeans annatto old teak. The market can see, the real Europe type furniture is not much, a lot of domestic brands are wood frame, with density board, rare wood veneer or reverse mould making. So in Europe type furniture of choose and buy, be careful. Hand-carved products than mechanical carving vivid, more aura, so it is of very high value. Many handicraft is hundreds of years passed down, has a unique skill and rich culture. Nowadays, teacher pure hand-carved products amount is extremely limited, its furniture natural higher value. Top European furniture often use the round, valuable. such handiwork, a variety of carving techniques such as bottom anaglyph nature fusion, pure handmade, dynamic, and fashioned completely are two different things. Investment has the very high collection value. The furniture culture has deep cultural inside information of furniture with ordinary furniture investment collection value could not be more different. A rare wood by hand crafted pure furniture is like a beautiful work of art, the collection value is inestimable. Europe type furniture from the European culture, imported products is preferred.
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