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Neat household practical tips

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-09

( Sequence] Fengshui has repeatedly stressed, good feng shui household must be clean and tidy. Reasonable blank space, avoid too crowded, will come into the new energy; On the contrary, compact space, desultorily, will only influence the air circulation, inspire new energy limited. To maintain a clean and tidy home, the key is to develop a good living habits, used to place in a timely manner. Next, the editor will share with you to a series of neat household practical tips, learning how to learn together:

1. The place that take the door to a room for slippers basket, take put the slippers when convenient pass in and out.

2。 Porch place puts a small bowl or cup, for the key, avoid trouble looking for the key.

3。 Sitting room tea table to prepare a small basket, not deep for TV, acoustics of the remote control.

4。 Hold the cardboard boxes are not in a hurry to discard shoes, can be used to receive the kitchen POTS.

5。 Appearance elegant small bottles, can be used to store the change, at the same time can also play a decorative role.

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