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| natural aesthetics that occupy the home, the love of ease

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-26
The noise of the city to the people to busy, at the same time also make state of return to nature, easy and comfortable life urbanite the desire and pursuit of the mind. Focus on pure log furniture customization for many years, in combination with house; ; Brand concept, for modern family love life aesthetics log, european-style furniture, modern furniture and American furniture of Chinese style mashups, contracted and contemporary solid wood custom furniture products, etc. Custom log french country furniture, like a rain after a long drought, tired of city to satisfy people with the comfort of the mind. Let the life of the plain log aesthetic known and accepted by more people.

return journey home that occupy the home of mind, is a state of art, a kind of life, but also a kind of aesthetic pursuit. To the home to plain, the beauty of nature, nature can wash the soul of the residents, to its beauty and static state. since its inception it is based on this idea, the real wood furniture through the architecture design, furniture design, sculpture design and industrial design in the field of four design point of view, to provide professional home, the different dimensions and can express the plain life that occupy the home fusion of oakwood furnitureproducts.

furniture of every piece of furniture to integrating function, aesthetics, from the whole wardrobe, cloakroom solid wood sofa, solid wood wine ark, desk and chair, tea table, TV ark, dresser, to the simple small stools, every piece of furniture convey certain emotion, also is the scenery of the life that occupy the home. Step one scene, each piece of furniture, from different angles have different stories, different feelings.

life plays the narrator

as expressed by the furniture concept, the body of the home is always a person in this life, furniture is more like a foil and atmosphere, like plays, the performer is the center of the play, but the narrator will supplement the thread of the story and tone. works, has its own story, emotion, but they are always the foil and supplement of habitant, to the life of a person with dense flavor.

completely real wood furniture products will be the real wood texture, breath, life, reflected in furniture, combined with the designer's understanding of China's younger generation life pursuit, and interprets the plain life aesthetics; To human body, and furniture as foil and atmosphere, to Jane to the United States, has its capacity, aesthetic trend, combined with the present young people into the international aesthetics; Easy to do, have good experience, let household life more simple, easy and health. Through these simple and real products, give a person the body and mind to enjoy nature, forget the troubles of the meta, a quiet comfortable. With the speeding up of the pace of life and the pursuit of natural living people, a far away from the design, the design concept of returning to nature, plain and in the furniture products gradually popular.

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