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Music from Europe type furniture which good?

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-22
Recently, media reports on the our furniture: rich color, fine carving, concise structure, smooth lines, european-style furniture, Jane European furniture has become the choice of a lot of people to pursue high quality life. One of the most famous is the '' Jane European furniture', also known as 'music from Europe type furniture', because the city of lecong has been hailed as 'China's largest and most concentrated of European American furniture manufacturing'. Reporters found after visiting music from the European furniture market, good and evil people mixed up music from the European furniture market, a lot of Europe type furniture brand is real wood frame and a density board, rare wood veneer or reverse mould for production. Driven by profit, a large number of European furniture factories use resin paint, PU foam for furniture, some stores even in the field of music from Europe type furniture is the real thing, consumers are goods not received furniture plate, resulting in a large number of consumer complaints. So what music from Europe type furniture which good? For music from Europe type furniture which good questions, we organized a european-style furniture brand big trip. Investigation found that the rich furniture group production of music from Europe type furniture in quality, technology, brand, etc, are significantly higher than that of other brands in the same industry. According to the rich los furniture general manager pan, some European furniture brand and simple European furniture brand is purchased the semi-finished products, in the factory to the children skin. This often USES the miscellaneous wood, without drying processing, so the customer use this kind of furniture will appear moths and cracking phenomenon. While the rich furniture of Europe type furniture USES of wood has through secondary drying processing, better to avoid these problems from the source. With pan field visited the rich furniture of real wood cutting workshop, manual sculpture workshop, paint workshop, ammonites leather workshop, found the rich furniture group production of Europe type furniture USES is high-end head layer cowhide, environmental protection paint, workshop clean and harmless, after manual fine cutting carved furniture, elegant nobility is full of artistic charm, like art elegant, contracted and not simple. How the rich los hand-carved furniture group workshop on numerous LeCongJian European brand furniture market, choose the cheaper brand? The rich furniture general manager pan told reporters, consumer is when furniture of choose and buy music from the European, in addition to the material, there are two points worth noting: one, the molding process for handicraft after hundreds of years of inheritance, only developed to today, hand-carved Jane European furniture more vivid than mechanical carving products, also has more value. The rich furniture used in the solid wood manual sculpture, extensive use of embossment, valuable. such handiwork, intaglio technique, like art, every piece of work is full of dynamic. Second, see hidden parts hidden parts is the key factors of a furniture brand diligently. Consumers in the music from the European furniture market when the choose and buy must pay attention to check the sealing side whether level off, the presence of upwarping phenomenon; The size of the crack of the door, the gap, the greater the work, the more coarse. Third, the brand culture is famous for its music from Europe type furniture across the country, but many brands. Most consumers only know pleasures from Europe type furniture or furniture of Europe type is good, so come, but for joy from Europe type furniture brand but I do not understand. In order to ensure the product quality is reliable, to avoid trouble, also advised consumers to develop for a long time, have a big customer supply case from Europe type furniture brand. The rich furniture founded in 1993, after 20 years of development, has now become the domestic high-grade villas and high-end furniture leader of star hotel furniture. Furniture products are mainly applied in luxury villa, hotels, clubs, etc. Is currently hold large discount activity, the cheapest 60000 yuan to buy a furniture, no matter design process or work quality, all can meet the needs of most customers to music from Europe type furniture. If you have the budget of the customer can be classified as considering buying. Because in the past decade, European furniture in China's domestic market sales is very good, consumers buy the furniture, already from their 40 s and 50 s economy FuYuXing crowd, gradually expanded to young people. This part of the people from all over the country to lecong, rich los furniture general manager pan Suggestions dear friends of buying furniture field, great contrast, try to choose public praise good music from Europe type furniture brand, to avoid pay high prices to buy resin paint furniture. As China's urbanization process accelerated, more and more consumers tend to buy european-style furniture, Jane Europe furniture. As China's largest european-style furniture, European furniture production base, Jane music from Europe type furniture brand needs to start from oneself, enhance brand awareness, the environmental protection consciousness, quality consciousness, on this basis, can in the music from the European furniture market competition advantage.
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