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Music from American furniture which good? Europe type furniture to be real is the absolute principle

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-20
Music from American furniture which good? Real is the hard truth, http://www. zgmuye。 Com release date: 2017 06 - 19 o the source: China 'the big bang theory', 'gossip girl', the bankruptcy and sisters, and friends. 。 。 。 。 。 These classic TV drama not bring about a TV audiences at home and abroad. As a regular TV drama party, believe that you are in addition to outside the beauty of classical highway to laughing, when decorating bridal chamber will also consider whether to go to American style, American furniture used everywhere in the home. Relevant data show that in the past decade, American furniture in the domestic market sales continue to rise, user groups focus for their 40 s and 50 s economic rich, at present this group also constantly develop toward younger age. For this growing customer base, key issues: American furniture which good? China's largest and most concentrated are of European American furniture manufacturing province shunde music from European American furniture market. To purchase music from American furniture consumers, at present the market is good and evil people mixed up, a lot of resin paint, furniture made of PU foam flooding the market, there's even 'dirty' businessman appear wrong goods board. Therefore, all over the country to furniture manufacturing city - China - - Shunde lecong furniture purchase friend, it is important to note that, as far as possible choose public praise good manufacturer, best can visit the factory, don't appear to pay high prices to buy resin paint furniture of tragedy. For music from American furniture which good this problem, small make up also dedicated to music from American furniture market made a thorough investigation. We found that some manufacturers adopted to buy semi-finished products, the way to the children skin in the factory, suggest you had better not choose this kind of manufacturer. Because most of them use the miscellaneous wood, without drying processing, to the north easy moths and cracking, which can cause furniture very short shelf life. Of course, there are some exquisite workmanship and materials are manufacturers. Such as field, we visited the rich furniture group, furniture factory, actually contains wood cutting workshop, manual sculpture workshop, paint workshop and ammonites leather workshop. The rich furniture production of European American furniture is wood have through secondary drying processing, the use of leather are also relatively high-end head layer cowhide and imports of real leather, the paint is environmental protection paint room, is real, not only beautiful and easy, also for consumers to use the rest assured. According to the rich, furniture, general manager of pan, American furniture with natural and simple modern style, single timber and ruggedly line is a modern and classical collision, safe non-toxic, do not pollute the environment is also more in line with the concept of environmental protection of American life, so more and more popular with the young people. Price, if carve patterns or designs on woodwork is not complicated, the cheapest a furniture down 60000 yuan. In addition, the rich los furniture group has been committed to let customers with the most affordable price to enjoy the most comfortable household experience, constantly have a surprise launch of the event, want to buy music from American furniture friends remember attention oh. As more and more consumers choose to European and American furniture as China's largest production base, believe that music from American furniture market will be more and more standardized. As the rich furniture convey of brand new belief: do brand, good quality, good services, smart smart, can gain advantage in market competition.
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