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Mix of home life 'mix build the bedroom'

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-12

( The preface] The bedroom is the main place, we live in is the one of the major functions of household. Peace and comfort in general is a bedroom advocate tone.

a mashup is an attitude. Is a kind of compromise and tireless attitude seriously.

a mashup is a kind of temperament. Represents a compromise between temperament and personality.

fashion group home, spelling a post; , mixing; And elsewhere; The postmodern term to describe the perfect. With metallic luster of stainless steel kitchen let them have to live in capsule of postmodern hallucination, however, this does not prevent them to continue on soft islamic carpet laid in the bedroom, and point the India brahman incense before they go to sleep.

the same space, don't have to be designed by conventional way of thinking, as long as the various materials used properly, can have a unique style.

in the space is relatively big bedroom deduce mix build, there are some tips & ndash; —

metope processing simplification

people are fickle nature, family also is such. A good house, decorated lived a period of time, lose the freshness, so the second decoration gradually prevailed. For the sake of long-term consideration, metope adornment don't have to do too painstakingly, too provocative, so as to avoid secondary when decorating, cause unnecessary trouble. Background an understatement, seems to have if have no, just the ornament of a kind of space, so easily with other style photograph echo, is not easy to produce fatigue.

lights used to refine the

now the light is no longer confined to the main lighting, but share is very fine, reading lamp, lighting design is not the same as watching TV. Some lights can be used as decorations, some light can be concealed.

in the mix building a style of the room, according to the features of different regions need and style features, configuration of the corresponding lamp. Furniture combination of refinement

the bed is the protagonist of the bedroom, determine the style of the bed, the small size of chest, footrest can match different material and style, bed is tasted and small piece of carpet, lamps and lanterns can spend some of idea, the more equipped with different design and color model, so that according to the season change the mood.

the bedroom is the way of mixing & ndash; — Details the grade

the mixing of the bedroom to be focused, like to dress with belt, scarves, jewelry change integral feeling, hang a picture, lamps and lanterns, bed is tasted is master of such mixing.

bedroom mashup recommended elements & ndash; — Wallpaper, curtain, bed is tasted, wardrobe, lamp. Decorate in household in, the bedroom's private space, so the self, casual and comfortable, is the bedroom decorate keywords, also only in this way, reflected the bedroom; The core of the original meaning.

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