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Measuring dimension of integral ambry detail! Must see

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-01

in the kitchen is decorated, ambry is big french country furniture, where it accounts for the biggest, so a lot of small family family all like to choose custom cabinets. The size of the cabinets how to measure, 10 small make up to tell you the details of the problem is must not be ignored. Ambry measurement 9 big details:

1, measured in ambry length of time it is best to twice, from left to right, from right to left, avoid wrong size lead to inaccurate for the first time.

2, pay attention to measure the ceiling height, should be from several different position measuring high, at the same time should pay attention to see whether the gusset plate under the presence of the beam.

3, should pay attention to see the ambry measurement at the bottom of the waist line, mobile socket with details such as floor tile height, take another look at the height of the window, at the time of survey is more pay attention to these details.

4, at the time of measurement should pay attention to the gas meter, and pipe distance wall height, the height of the flue, the height of the in and out of the water, drainage, head of distance from the wall, socket height should be emphatically pay attention to, especially in the survey.

5, the measurement of time to see whether there is a step down surface, whether there is a bump beam on metope, condole ark should consider around the edge of the window if you want to do the screen window.

6, repetition measurement time should be good good shop floor tile, wall brick pastes, condole top is done to ensure the accuracy of the data.

7, measuring the best shaped or polygon should choose a good amount of fixed point and diagonal line, two sides make cabinet against the wall, Condole ark), Quantity, and even when outside.

8, should pay attention to when there is the door in the measurement to measure the thickness of the door, to ensure that the thickness with the line thickness, if there is a sliding door and condole ark to move sliding door and to leave 10 - best After 20 mm gap, lest affect open to close.

9, when measuring the kitchen, should ask the wall is a stone wall, so as not to design good condole ark to be installed and

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