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Make furniture bright and clean as new details

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-08
not only has practical value, more can be used to appreciate, but if have a child in the home, are particularly prone to accidents, make french country furniture damaged. Down and we will introduce some usual small details of life. can be moment is bright and clean like new.

1。 Unless you paint the furniture at the end of the super coat, otherwise I would use heat pad serving hot tea utensils, avoid spatter or stain furniture. Don't let solution, alcohol, nail polish and discharge water close to the surface of the furniture.

2。 Clean the dust, it must be filed a lamp or other items, do not slip the surface of the furniture.

3。 Do not drag along the ground move objects, otherwise the woodiness floor will be easier to submit an expense account.

4。 Don't push movable furniture cupboard door, drawer and block.

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