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Make dream kitchen

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-23
No matter what are you going to retrofit existing layout, or in a new house built the dream kitchen, must consider the individual way of life and of the kitchen, new look of the kitchen, so you can decide by layout, lighting, and furniture and floor etc.

压力; Cook meals by one person or collective collaboration?

if you share housework, together with the child or spouse must have a good cooperation. Consider more than buy a sink or independent works, to avoid a collision.

in addition, must consider the cook food habits. Cooking is superb housewife than, for example, entering the kitchen housewife occupy larger work space, and love to use a variety of different instruments, or if you're ready to bake bread, and may require special work space. These are considerate to concern.

压力; Will always welcome?

if you're always welcome, the kitchen had better have the larger independent works, one can put the buffet food counter, an oven or more insulation ark, to keep food temperature, or a refined wine rack, and can hang put wine, and a table is convenient and easy to use, so that you can get research recipes tonight on the table, so it is more perfect.

压力; Must be easy to do?

if you impatience with household cleaning, the kitchen had better choose manageable material, plus polyurethane hard wood floors and cabinets, for example, is only mop wipe with wet cloth, instant bright and clean like new. In addition, the smooth surface of the cupboard door is also not easy to be stained with dust, light color and is easy to clean.

压力; The kitchen family gathering place?

your kitchen is used to cook food, or a dinner and a small size, research bills, gossip recreation places and children do their homework? If belong to the latter, it is better to get through the kitchen and living room, with decorative lines, between the board, baseboard, chairs, stripes and other decorations, can emphasize the integrity between the kitchen and living room.

is real wood ambry quality, fine materials, fine polishing, honesty is the new generation of french country furniture, especially suitable for kitchen use, but also can create a warm and comfortable and space of play to the special purpose.

压力; Accommodating a size?

if family unfortunate suffering from arthritis eyesight, you must carefully consider the position of the cooking and storing goods, and light etc. Early plans should consult with his family, gathering opinions.

your kitchen may need to be added a young child safety fence, the height of the works need to accommodate individual members, or the drawer can be pulled out with their feet, and so on. 。 。

压力; Do you often use a large number of devices?

the location of equipment depends on your usage. If you use the microwave oven production every day, the main course, they should choose the comfortable place, but if you just used to heat up the food or drying treatment, can be in a small place.

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