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Mahogany european-style furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-29
1, wood texture peach core is solid wood, dry shrinkage of small, mu wen is very beautiful, and easy to rotary and sliced and wood good sculpture, painting, viscose, dyeing, order good performance. Big leaf peach blossom core wood is a kind of evergreen trees, can be more than 15 meters long, whole body smooth and glabrous, lenticels branchlets appearance has obvious, peach blossom core wood because the wood is reddish brown, like a peach colour and lustre of the name. Peach blossom core wood furniture with natural texture, appearance is beautiful fashion, colour and lustre of of primitive simplicity, the wood is hard and heavy, solid and durable, long service life. 2, insect repellent and durable, good at preserving hardwood usually has a strong resistance to corrosion, mahogany is no exception. Because of the wood texture, density is very big, made of mahogany corrosion resistance is very strong. Combined with its unique flavor is characteristic of termite resistance, mahogany preserved for a long time. It also has become an important choice of top furniture material standards. Mahogany has gone along with the royal furniture for hundreds of years of history, we are still in the museum today lament of bright mahogany over a long period of time. 3, pattern and European wood carving complementary peach blossom core with moderate density, dry shrink, size stability etc. Characteristics, easy processing and production. Peach blossom core wood furniture style and elegant, rich ancient, natural texture, durable, can be called ancient sweet patina of pure solid wood furniture. Since the 15th century, especially after the European Renaissance, peach blossom core wood furniture in the design and work on the development of large, mainly European classical style furniture.
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