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Lumber prices; Furniture rise in price has become inevitable

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-24
With the rapid development of furniture industry in recent years, the use of wood has reached unprecedented Numbers. Due to the large number of using wood in various fields, are signals of shortage of wood resources around the world. As importer of wood, wood the purchase price of a substantial rise in our country at present, the product also increases accordingly. Expert clew, due to the global wood supply tension, wood products price has become the inevitable trend.

, according to reports in Madagascar ebony and rosewood of rare tree species is rapidly reduced, affect the price of the traditional annatto french country furniture, Malaysia, Russia and other countries are also reduce plate export quotas, these are the factors that affect price.

domestic man-made board production from jilin dew river plate following the earlier this year after a rise in price, brewing in next year's price increases, price increases time and amplitude are said to be still in question. In addition, other domestic board manufacturers and love case board, etc imported plate joined the trend. Chinese general agent of German love case board Zhong Hongwen revealed that this year due to higher transportation, raw materials, etc, love case board years price three times the cumulative rate of 9%, uncontrollable, and next year's rally may be expected to rise 15%.

a northeast wood floor production entrepreneurs, according to the board that imported from North America this year rose by at least 30%. It is understood that in addition to acceptance on plank price rises again, many companies also are actively seek another solution, bo as ecological wood is a kind of new substitute the quality of traditional wood plank, received less price shocks.

throughout the domestic timber industry, national natural protection project, the forest lumbering, limit after cutting, plate has decreased, suitable for the production of household french country furniture such as we have learned, jilin, yunnan, guangxi forestry board production in the province said sharply cut production.

sheet parts manufacturers has been seeking new technology, give some new type of plate have a better development space. In addition to looking for new plate, niche market, control the upstream resources become a talisman some enterprises; 。 Plank inflationary expectations make downstream industries looking for all kinds of way, to split the risk.

under the housing policy, inflation, and import and export under the influence of increasing difficulty, plank industry further price increases could push up the whole household industry production costs, the personage inside course of study thinks, this will improve the survival of enterprises threshold, prompting many small and medium-sized enterprises face close situation. Qingdao green wood industry ecological wood products with the technical advantages and energy conservation, environmental protection concept, will get a more broad market and development space.

cost rising in forcing enterprises to find new ways of at the same time, also sounded the enterprise of environmental protection. Only in production do not forget to environmental protection, do take a time also, to make the healthy development of industry for a long time.

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