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Lost the desk

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-14
Memory, as of things, do not wear skewers of beads. To the bottom of this bead is in memory of the deep well going round and round, sparkling, it is difficult to catch them & ndash; — I always mistakenly written into one word; Word, it is on the table! I in rows to dry the bow with little mud ball, on the table! On my small planks nail nails, on the table! The only I know the story, have into the childhood life in the past years. ;

it is like this with my company, if I don't sell it, it's a heart and never divided along with me. ;

all my past life, whether happy and happy, or sad and unfortunate, all on the table. Even if I forget, it will remind me silently. ;

( When I was a child we learn early inscription of lu xun's on the desk)

this is feng jincai 'lost desk' in a few words, feng jincai desk of the lost of that piece of desk is carrying memories let people remember. The desk is the partner of childhood time witness feng jincai, eventually collapse too in order to protect feng jincai partners. The day of the desk record feng jincai dazed and confused, the transition of the mature.

carrying a memory, each a desk or a lesson, or full of love. 。 。 Ever so a desk to witness your dazed and confused, record your joy and sorrow, in your life the indelible role, this is belong to you and the story of your desk. But the desk already can't find it anymore, killing in the tunnel of time, no shape & hellip; …

have you ever thought of, buy a new desk & ndash; — It already has a meaning and a story. Then you will be the story continues, continue your writing & hellip; …

( Grow up but we have the independent brand new desk no longer to tu engraved)

may look back, in those years, we used a desk in the lights dim! It, like an old friend, to accompany us through learning time, true witness our, or confused depressed state of life, or head-on struggle & hellip; …

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