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Let little sitting room 'expanded' design

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-29
In today's soaring housing prices, increasingly, many working-class voters chose to buy small family housing or affordable housing, but, when they come home from work pushed open the door the moment, there is always a little in the heart; Words & ndash; — Small bedroom, kitchen, important activities at home sitting room also is compressed; , in which unavoidably boring; Feeling.

general small and medium-sized family house has two people 'world, or a family of three, but as a member of the family communication, activity space of the sitting room, often give a person small; Feeling. So, on the one hand, is caused by the space of furniture is put pressure. In the sitting room area is unable to change the situation, only by the clever design of the function and visual to get expanded; The effect.

a good sitting room design, from the various elements of the sitting room, from the ceiling to the ground, from overall and tonal to furniture ornament, as long as you use your head, a comfortable, spacious and bright, the sitting room with dye-in-the-wood individual character will be born.

1, needless to french country furniture: the combination of the small area of the sitting room is the most simple solution is a double rotating a single person sofa and sofa, is applicable and can move at will. If put the TV in the sitting room, can change the TV ark of fixed to wheeled low ark, to increase the utilization of the space, but also has strong variability. In addition, the low posture, put aside frame, bookcase, sofa wide glass window, can increase the utilization rate of whole sitting room, but also does not appear crowded.

2, colour is lively, using bright colors in the sitting room, at the same time to choose a picture depicting the sea or forest painting or watercolor painting, also can give a person the sense with little space is expanding.

3, use opportunely lights: you can use some glass brick on metope, using reflection or scattering in the lamplight, increase the change of indoor light and level. If soft lamplight chooses yellow tonal, can also take out home warm atmosphere.

4, don't do condole top: when designing the ceiling do condole top, can give a person with hollowness to the person; 。

5, transparent: porch porch design into transparent type, the occupancy rate, not only can reduce the space also can give a person with spacious visual effect.

6, use the mirror: use glass mirror on the wall of the sitting room, also does not have a repast area, glass table on the glass wall; Edge, through the mirror effect, can let whole space fully use and extend, effectively enhance the dimensional feeling of home.

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