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Leather identification

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-23
A: visual lines: leather grain generally is not uniform, some local lines a bit bigger, some local grain smaller, sometimes like human skin was a little scar, sometimes in some places there will be not very evenly. Artificial leather grain special rules, looks more 'perfect'. Despise base: the opposite of leather bottomless base, looks a little fluffy. The opposite of artificial leather base fabric. See pores: leather usually have small pore, not necessarily the same size, artificial skin are generally no pores. See section: fiber of the cut surface of the leather is irregular, the lower level without any change, artificial skin can clearly see the layers of different materials like cream. 2: touch leather touch in low temperature environment is smooth, no cool feeling. Artificial materials, hand in low temperature environment have a cold feeling, feel is quite clear, more green leather by hand to pull both sides flexibility is good, there are differences in some of the transverse and longitudinal tensile elasticity. Artificial skin with the hand, no stretch, or less elastic, transverse and longitudinal tensile no difference. Three: the smell of leather notes there are animal fat, The leather smell) , imitation leather is plastic taste. From real leather and artificial leather back off a bit of fiber, lighting, after all a pungent odor, forming a knot in one's artificial leather; Every hair smells, does not produce hard bumps is genuine leather.
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