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Korean and European furniture furniture fresh collision

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-16
Today the small make up of Europe type furniture is to explain to you, ou shijia is provided and Korean furniture is different. Korean furniture mainly pay attention to paint and decorative craft, the carpentry and lacquer technology for industry leaders, coupled with exquisite carving adornment gimmick, combined with the Korean people's life and aesthetic habit, Korean furniture and cabinet and delicate, fashion, practical, very suitable for Chinese and Asian petite body use. Ivory white matchs with gorgeous colour and elegant design, solid wood frame structure with manual carve patterns or designs on woodwork, bring people wanxian, comfortable at the same time, is becoming more and more get the favour of a younger generation. Compared with European and Chinese style furniture, Korean furniture more show concise and practical, it is little the European style, Chinese style furniture, the atmosphere, but much a delicate and exquisite. South koreans are used in soft ground with mat mat, and then sit on it, so the Korean furniture and cabinet is compact, mostly adopts low profile design. Also often painted on the surface of the furniture CaiQi, but not so gorgeous color. Furniture, Korean rural series, based on the natural, the product use pine to advocate material, fir, oak as auxiliary material, pure manual polishing of carve patterns or designs on woodwork is elegant and chic, product details, even the shake handshandle of a simple highlight delicate heart, let a person linger, fondle admiringly. PS: although the Korean furniture pure white pure and fresh and refined, but not the joker, Korean furniture before buying must determine whether your decorate a style, the wallpaper and the choice of the floor are particularly important. Atmosphere design, fine detail carver, the European home beautiful scene in the film and television play look, feel very level and taste, just don't know copied to your own home, it will be what appearance. Often see so-and-so star effect of tens of millions of marriage room, decorate the pure European or American style, it seems, european-style furniture, American furniture, has become a luxury life. In fact, don't feel European life far away from us, it is quite near to us; A set of Europe type furniture to hundreds of thousands or even millions? It's a fable, you don't need to worry about how much cost, often pay more than ten thousand, may be you can have a perfect european-style bedroom furniture. Sterling European furniture design concept, inheritance is exalted and French, european-style furniture, elegant, classic design elements of the atmosphere, art to absorb the western classical architecture element and design language, retained the spirit of the European classical art, mixed with European humanistic spirit and modern aesthetic temperament and interest. Each product has both rich culture and modern aesthetics and ergonomic factors, has always been the pursuit of the perfect combination of technology and art. Well above is small make up to you, bring about Korean and European furniture furniture, hope can give you some more diverse choices, of course this small make up suggest you buy european-style furniture.
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