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Just buy real wood furniture taste is too pungent formaldehyde to exceed bid

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-16


first plate joining together, some people have a myth to real wood furniture & ndash; — is to use a block of wood processing, no stitching.

the whole piece of wood and furniture without stitching is some, called log furniture. Log furniture wax brush varnish and only a few basic protection, in-depth processing, no longer can show natural raw wood grain texture, with a return uncut jade to put in.

in addition to the log furniture, and the pure solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture and imitation solid wood furniture.

pure solid wood furniture all the materials are from the same tree species, all materials are solid wood furniture, including desktop, closet doors, side panel, etc. , do not use any other form of man-made board. Pure solid wood furniture of high requirement of technology and material, material selection, drying, refers to receive, flat-fell seam is very strict.

completely real wood furniture is advocate material with a certain tree species, edge horn or insignificant part with other cheap tree species as auxiliary materials. In northeast China ash furniture, for example, can be a log + fir board core of northeast China ash ( Or other solid wood material) The combination of + of northeast China ash veneer. Although is the joining together of different tree species, but all the materials or solid wood.

imitation solid wood furniture has the natural grain of lumber, handle, color, and oakwood furniturebasic there was no difference in appearance, but in fact is a mixture of solid wood and man-made board french country furniture, generally the side panel, top and bottom, shelf parts with two sub-companies named seaport overlaid particleboard and MDF fiber board, solid wood will be used on body.

sales on the market at present most of the imitation solid wood furniture, do you think the real wood furniture is completely real wood french country furniture, wood but is actually meet board combined with imitation solid wood furniture.

pure solid wood furniture and completely real wood furniture basically is mortise and tenon joint joining together or hardware patchwork, glue content can be neglected, environmental protection index is higher. Imitation solid wood furniture, on the other hand, man-made board in the course of processing, the need to join adhesives and hot pressing molding, the formaldehyde in adhesives.


in the way of lumber itself under the taste, the smell of wood no friend didn't know that different species will taste different, the taste is all kinds of volatile oil contained in the wood, resin, gum, aromatic oil and other substances, new cut wood flavor more.

but the taste is the taste of natural plants, generally not pungent, acrid, mostly in the form of furniture surface besmear brushs paint.


solid wood furniture paint on why?

a are some of the features in order to guarantee real wood material can effectively keep, let furniture have qualitative feeling more, 2 it is to avoid the furniture wood cut hand. Besmear brushs the paint make furniture looks more smooth surface with colour and lustre, but there are a large number of beautiful behind have formaldehyde, benzene series.

furniture commonly used paint have oily wood coatings and water-borne wood coatings, oily wood coatings itself contains many of the body of harmful substances, such as benzene, toluene, very pungent, can make people sick. But because the price is low, the good brushing, most of oakwood furniturebrush or oily wood coatings.

waterborne wood paint is composed of 40% water, 30% of the resin emulsion, 25% of the pigment padding and 5% of additives such as harmless ingredients, children's toys in general is this kind of paint. Non-toxic pollution-free water-based wood coatings, but the price is expensive, if not all furniture are brush, children room furniture to brush the paint.

is more popular in these two years and a new type of paint & ndash; — Wood oil, the main body composition is vegetable oil, color mixing with iron oxide pigments, such as no benzene, formaldehyde etc volatiles, it is said that the environmental protection sex more than water-based paint, is also a good choice.

so don't assume that buy real wood furniture formaldehyde rest easy, can avoid the paint doesn't work well will become an indoor pollution sources.

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