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Jane European style decoration characteristic is what? Jane European furniture decorate should be how to save money

by:HOOLNN     2021-01-31

Jane french country furniture decorate the mass-tone attune of the space as a white, reflects the noble temperament. The setting wall of the room can choose blue. Jane European style of line is more complex, create a sense of luxury. The sofa tea table of room quality request is higher. Condole carries on the simple and easy, beautiful droplight downy light. Jane OuTi of light is a kind of luxury. Hoolnn french country furniture below small make up take you to understand what is Jane's decoration characteristic.

a, what is Jane's decoration characteristic

1, the design features of Jane's style is actually improved classical European style. And European culture, open, artistic background, ideas and other enshrouded, won the favour of countless people and pursuit. Because Jane European style from the beginning of multifarious, again from the overall to local, strives for perfection, so a kind of devotion of impression. On the one hand, it is very good material, color, retained the roughly style, still can let a person feel the history and culture, and abandoned the adornment of the complex and texture at the same time.

2, colour is tie-in, Jane Europe style decorating is generally based on white color, at the same time in order to increase the feeling of space in the colorful, the room can also add some other colors to ornament. In fact, no matter in what kind of decorate a style, the color use has played a very important role. Then use brunet with light color as a secondary color. Generally add brown, cream-colored, golden color, again through the color contrast to create a magnificent feeling.

3, Jane Europe decorated material characteristics, use in Jane's style is decorated in, more commonly used material is stone, iron, wood, etc. Because it can convey a sense of nostalgia and retro, but you can't use too much. And stone material can give a person luxuriant sense. As we all know, wood has the characteristics of stable thick, so it is the most widely used in decorating materials. Iron is more impressive to us, though, so Hoolnn European style decoration can give a person presents a feeling of very rich.

4, the function and characteristics, we are decorating, but neither too artistic, nor too rural. So we can make the leisure, because such decorate can diversify some, first consider the needs of daily life, but also can create a different kind of home feeling. Actually, Jane some European style is decorated also can elegance, even slightly a little emotional appeal, because it can make your home decoration more perfect!

2, Jane Europe decorate how to save money

1, the third area, is the bathroom, as we all know, the bathroom also is very expensive, how to achieve the most cost-effective simple decoration, ceramic tile and sanitary equipment, try to choose domestic brands, shower sliding door frame on the bath directly or directly with the sliding door and ceramic tile to assemble a shower room, can dry wet depart, and simple construction.

2, the partition of the bedroom is very much, small make up to choose the most the place that can save money, is the sitting room, because it's appearance, in the budget, also accounts for a high proportion, most cost-effective and simple decoration, with less carpentry, use lamplight builds atmosphere, the light is the cheapest and most effective packaging, the other wall only painted and decorated with paintings, can fully show the momentum of the sitting room, although the money is not much, the result is right also.

3, bedroom, although the bedroom is privacy area, but we enjoy more, most cost-effective and simple to decorate, can pay attention to the flavor of shape, do not advocate the lamp, the head of a bed wall and lighting, again complementary with desk lamp, indirect lighting and main wall paper, equivalent to the buyer the price of the lamp, but more to create the soft atmosphere.

4, a lot of people want to save money blindly, so didn't adjust good, save money, simple decoration, not means at the expense of the health, now a lot of indoor pollution, mainly formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and radioactive substances that four kinds of pollutants, so pay special attention to simple specialty materials and the effective control of the pollution.

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