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Jane European furniture: European furniture purchasing skills

by:HOOLNN     2020-11-12
Jane European furniture, french country furniture purchase skills of Europe type furniture is popular, because its design is delicate and complex, and its apparent high temperament, but because of the Europe type furniture manufacturers now do more this became many Europe type furniture products into the inferior products, in order not to let friends cheated today Jane french country furniture of small make up to explain to you, about how to choose European home skills, let you no longer be deceived. Jane's fraud prevention skills, whether making craft fine: note when buying guangdong Europe type furniture edge banding have uneven, cock phenomenon; Look at the door of furniture, drawers seam gap, gap, the greater the instructions work, the more coarse, after a long time will deformation; See sculpture, Mosaic part is smooth or not. Now some french country furniture furniture on the market of carve patterns or designs on woodwork is used plastic film, little different from appearance, inner very different, suggest the owner when the choose and buy more attention to detail, pay attention to the sense of worth, hand-carved wooden parts especially skill and woodworking connecting parts. Jane's fraud prevention skills, see material pledge eligibility: guangdong Europe type furniture is an important feature of the world's most prestigious material good, only good material can embody the sense and spirit. When the choose and buy to ask clear wood texture, but also can take a closer look at from hinge slot and hole drilling. Jane the fraud detection skills 3, whether the style elegant: french country furniture furniture of choose and buy time to pay attention to the design is elegant, some inferior European rural style furniture, on modelling design is very rigid, some typical details, such as arc or whirlpool decoration is poor. Hoolnn the fraud detection skills four, the furniture culture is profound, has deep cultural inside information of furniture with ordinary furniture investment collection value could not be more different. A rare wood by hand crafted pure furniture is like a beautiful work of art, the collection value is inestimable. Jane's fraud prevention skills five, see whether smooth, natural and graceful lines: guangdong Europe type furniture furniture modelling has many curve or surface, this is the test of furniture factory production levels. Inferior furniture products often seem to be rigid, especially the performance of the classical arc, whirlpool decorative details such as, work are very poor. Well above is Jane European furniture small make up to you explain, about how to discern the stand or fall of Europe type furniture, hope can bring you some help.
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