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It is very important to real wood furniture cracking to do maintenance tips

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-20

oakwood furnitureis not only the green environmental protection, elegant and chic

master life grade is also demonstrated that occupy the home

but to know

oakwood furnituremay appear crack of

especially during the winter, the air is dry, indoor humidity lower

easily to real wood furniture cracking

today small love you with all of you together

to know about the trick winter maintenance of solid wood furniture

to avoid direct sunlight furniture

in the winter, solid wood french country furniture need a moist environment, prevent sun whole or bureau minister time exposure to real wood furniture. If long time been baking sunshine, easy dryness and deformation in the wood, so the furniture placement had better avoid sun exposure, or use the translucent gauze curtain separated from direct sunlight.

of course furniture also should not be in a very humid place, because the wood in the wet easy to expand, in the long run will occur deformation, the phenomenon such as decay.

the reasonable ventilation time

winter indoor humidity than outdoor rather higher, as a result, open a window ventilated, winter will only make the cold air outside to come in, make indoor dry. So winter should reduce the time and the number of open a window ventilated, maintain indoor humidity of, at the same time avoid placing real wood furniture in the vent.

use oils to wipe furniture

winter air humidity is relatively small, indoor dry, the focus of the maintenance of furniture is to remove dry. Wooden furniture through professional furniture oils are needed to keep moist. care essential oil can be effectively locks in moisture in the wood, prevent weather-shack wood deformation, nourish the wood at the same time, from the inside out to wooden replay, prolong the service life of furniture.

water oil balance, wax; Don't slack off

like skin, can't lack water, also cannot lack of oil. of moist can not only keep indoor air humidity to maintain, right should also lock the moisture in wood by means of wax regularly, effectively prevent weather-shack deformation furniture, let furniture replay luster, beautiful like new. But remember, do not frequent wax.

in addition, the cover scratches and dents in the simple method is to use a cotton ball or brush, in furniture surface coated with similar color shoe polish. And remove the stain, use clean water paper spread on the water damage, slightly with the iron ironing again, can be removed.

away from the heater heat source such as

winter cold, each family will be on the waiting list each heater to keep each other warm. Sometimes to near the heat source, unconsciously pull heaters to solid wood furniture. Little imagine, for a long time high temperature baking, easy to lose wood moisture, local weather-shack, deformation, metamorphism paint film. It is best to real wood french country furniture is put in at least one meter away from the heater.

oakwood furnitureis good

but the price is generally not cheap

if you do not pay attention to maintenance

a crack, and so on and so forth

the damage from

very let a person love

so bear in mind that these maintenance tips

let cracking this sort of thing, away from their real wood french country furniture

let himself and his family enjoy a comfortable home; Life

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