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Introduction to 'ju wood real wood furniture'

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-22

( The preface] ” Ju wood & quot; in the market has been praised by consumers love, however, for & quot; Ju wood & quot; Some of the features, but there are a lot of people are fuzzy. Below, we take a look at what is ju wood properties:

ju wood furniture is one of the furniture market is common furniture material, here we introduce the advantages and disadvantages of ju wood furniture.

ju wood, and writing reports from wood; Or hepatoprotective wood; 。 Don't know the name, native to southern China, the north said this is a south elm wood. Is not rich in timber, but traditional furniture in Ming and qing dynasties, especially in the folk, a wide use. This kind of ju wood furniture of bright type, shape and production technique and chrysanthemum pear hardwood furniture such as basic same, have quite artistic value and historical value.

ju wood, solid, impact resistant, easy to bend, under steam can make modelling, nails, good performance. For this kind of lumber, texture clear, uniform wood texture, color soft, smooth. Heavier than most common hardwood, of all the wood top, hardness belongs to the upper level.

ju wood ulmaceae, deciduous trees, up to 25 m tall. Bark is hard, beige, coarse wrinkles and small protrusions; Branches, leaves alternate, row for two columns, elliptical ovate, single blade, pinnate veins, hairy, petiole very short. A pale yellow flower of spring, unisexual, monoecious. Flowers after small fruit, slightly is triangular. The timber quality solid, beautiful texture, available for building and implements material. Load according to the China taxonomic trees: ju wood produced in jiangsu and zhejiang is as big elm tree leaves, alias & lsquo; Ju yu & rsquo; Or & lsquo; English elm & rsquo; 。 Solid wood, of colour and beauty, a wide use, very precious. Its ageing and wood with red, called & lsquo; Blood ju & rsquo; 。 ; Some ju not large and beautiful decorative pattern, natural colour like rosewood. Good for furniture material, and is available for shipbuilding, construction, Bridges, etc.

【 The advantages and disadvantages of ju wood furniture 】

ju wood features: heavy, strong, impact resistant, easy to bend, under steam can make modelling, nail performance is good, but easy to crack. Wood texture clear, uniform texture, color soft, smooth. Heavier than most hardwoods, prone to crack during kiln drying and processing. Imports from the European and American countries with MAO ju, material is import prices for domestic beech several times. Domestic with MAO ju said beech again, it is with the beech wood, construction, wood, wood are different, the price is low. Closely and heavier beech wood, wood grain fine and straight, organization construction spot less section; Domestic with MAO ju wood woodiness is loose, light weight, wood grain is not obvious, the organization structure more spot section and have off color.

at present, the domestic timber market sale ju wood is import more, origin in Europe and North America, woodiness stable performance, belongs to top grade furniture material.

( Conclusion] Read the written materials, I believe you also have a preliminary understanding to ju wood, in the purchase & quot; Ju wood & quot; , in the mind also will be a bottom!

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