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Introduced a variety of solid wood furniture category

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-04
Everybody to want to know every style of furniture is a large category, of classification, there are many small beneath it, for example, solid wood furniture, each big style of furniture will have solid wood furniture inside the small classification, but today the small make up of Europe type furniture is not prepared to talk about the style of the big, today I didn't want to explain is the introduction of solid wood furniture products. 1, real wood furniture of Europe type style bookcase the bookcase of Europe type style tends to be more arc on the streamline sense, let a person to do manual work is delicate, graceful feeling, it is to have forever the quality of the European aristocracy, European style book cabinet in a straight line, the atmosphere in the form of a trend, and in the local fine grain and give a person the feeling, likes day zhuo of log color even more elegant, comfortable rural style. 2, real wood furniture of Europe type style bed of American style is given priority to with warm and comfortable exquisite carve more, its or solid wood structure, or wrought iron wood combination. Europe type style of the bed with real wood carving is more, its design must be natural and nostalgia. It always pursuit is a kind of simple not complicated, do not break delicate atmosphere quality of life. 3, real wood furniture of Europe type sofa of Europe type style rural sofa are generally very atmosphere, but fashionable and does not lose nature. European rural medium French rural mostly adopts the floral, pattern such as stripe to make the cloth art sofa, let its texture soft, comfortable and close to nature, to create a household with British rural style. Wash and French rural style of sofa is usually white or do old processing, restore ancient ways and bold color, to achieve the pursuit of natural rural emotional appeal. Wash white processing can make the furniture of furniture presents a classic beauty. Well the above is the small make up to introduce the Europe type furniture, about the interpretation of real wood furniture of Europe type style products, hope this article can bring you some help.
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