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Integral chest small essential knowledge in use process

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-10
A whole wardrobe moisture coup

1, placed inside the wardrobe moisture absorption device; General supermarkets have bought, how long yuan a box;

2, bamboo charcoal effect is very good also, but put the wardrobe inside to avoid dirty clothes;

3, tea moisture absorption method: the tea ( Can buy some cheap dry tea leaves, such as green tea, to save money, don't need to buy those expensive) Use paper or paper bag into packets, in every corner, can play a role moisture absorption in addition to taste, and no side effects to the human body. Then, if you want to make clothes, solid fragrances can buy some clothes in the wardrobe. ( Can such as dry tea leaves before moisture absorption in addition to taste and then put the balmy agent oh, remember! )

4, soil method: put the lime in the container or the box ( Don't block, except when the don't use) In the wardrobe, and when the weather is wet lime moisture absorption is very severe.

solid wood wardrobe mold?

1, the mold once colonization into the household environment, may be about to put up with asthma or other respiratory problems. You can put some desiccant or camphor ball, stay dry wardrobe, suction to remove excess water.

2, cloth to wipe away first, brush varnish again not chairman mildew.

3, use dry towel to wipe, or with the brush brush with dry towel to wipe. If the mould had been on the go with wet cloth or towel to wipe a few times.

4, moisture in the room is too big, breed bacteria, often cause mildew. Pay attention to often open a window ventilated. Don't use a humidifier in the room. After tow to pay attention to open the window or the fan and the air conditioning dry the water in a timely manner. In addition, in the closet, put some orange peels, the result is right also.

5, moldy because the paint of paint on too little number, at the same time, the poor quality of paint can cause mildew. Can clean with cloth coated with vaseline, and then use clean cloth to wipe.

6, find a carton with lime in the home, in the room inconspicuous place with respect to OK, both to damp and disinfection, kill two birds with one stone.

7, clean up the mould first, and then placed ventilated location natural drying, dry or with a blower fan, when using a large amount of desiccant is placed inside again.

8, can use detergent to clean first, spray on mould inhibitor can

9, clear the mildew stains with sand paper or other things. Afresh again on paint

10, in the closet, with an average of five to eight tungsten filament bulbs, open in the evening or very humid period, this method has been proved effective, can keep the humidity in the space at or below thirty percent.

solid wood wardrobe insect-resistant tips:

1, vacuum treatment: regularly to the cabinet ventilation, clean, can effectively prevent the insect. Can also use a vacuum cleaner, can more effectively remove eggs and larvae.

2, laundry: all the clothes before into tank carefully clean and dry. Even if it is not easy insect chemical fiber, cotton cloth, if you want to receive a piece, and wool products should also be cleaned before receiving.

3, thoroughly clean with the brush, if really don't want to loss some didn't wear coat wash ( May clean up cost is higher, and frequent laundry also hurt. ) , try more ancient and effective methods: find a good weather to the sun is shining, and be careful with the brush to brush the coat again. Juncture place should brush neckline and clothes. This method can effectively clear the eggs and larvae. Coat to bask in a few hours in the sun, outside in the sun.

4, receive classification methods: moth, moth can penetrate very airtight wardrobe. So, if you want to receive goods, it is best to choose plastic box, plastic bags. Cotton products can be rolled up to prevent shrinkage. In plastic containers to be replaced periodically when you receive clothes, because airtight plastic products, and some plastic over time will affect the quality of the fiber for a long time.

5, choose a reasonable way: clothing when receiving much attention to the details of the different material has different. Pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of fabric when you receive clothes. But one thing is also Shared all fabrics: clean help moth-proofing.

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