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Integral ambry buy or custom cabinets

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-29

about the kitchen decorate, most people would say to do integral ambry. 。 This shows that in integral ambry is decorated in the family has become a big presence. At present, the brand of ambry of the whole on the market very much, provides consumers with a lot of choice, but of ambry quality is uneven, price six to one, also it makes some consumers produced a backlash, thus decided to please decorate a company to processed according to my will.

for the first time to decorate the consumers, it is often difficult to determine the integral ambry buy or make on its own. To this, we will both ambry practices are compared.

1, design: in general, the rationality of the function design of the most can reflect content of ambry science and technology. Abstain ambry is often in accordance with the design of brand of ambry of their processing, its style, function and practicability, wanting to use can let a person very uncomfortable; And the stylist of professional ambry manufacturer, usually consider more comprehensive, design thought is open, can to ambry colour and lustre, structure and material and so on have good grasp, its adornment sex, stronger practicability.

2, material: self-restrained ambry tend to use ordinary french country furniture material, easy to use in the future problems with poor oil pollution prevention, moisture-proof, etc; Professional ambry usually adopt fire prevention board, the cabinet is not easy to deformation, easy to clean, also relatively longer service life.

3, craft: abstain ambry all is in the field, combined with the requirements of the construction personnel to ambry production is not very understanding, craft will be rough, the error is bigger; The processing technology of the integral ambry has strict standards, and use sealing side of high temperature and high pressure, the process of natural products more excellent.

4, warranty, after-sales service is very easy occurrence dispute details after a family to decorate, make your own cabinet, quality is not very pass, relatively more important, once appear problem, it is hard to find a construction personnel to assume maintenance responsibility; And service of professional ambry includes not only the door design, on-site installation, including after-sales service.

( Custom solid wood cabinet series)

for a family to decorate for the first time, if the budget allows decorate, had better choose normal ambry manufacturer design of integral ambry. If the carpentry in the home more, less money, is suitable to buy their own materials processing cabinet, but the premise is, must be clear what you want to buy smoke lampblack machine kitchen appliances such as model, size, to facilitate self-construal; 。

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